Multi-Location Single Database (MLSD) for Cornerstone Guide

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Use this guide to determine if Multi-Location Single Database is a good fit for your practice.

What is Multi-location single database (MLSD)?

Cornerstone’s Multi-Location Single Database feature allows you to share a single database/instance among multiple practice locations.

Key features

  • Shared client and patient history among all practice locations.
  • Print practice-specific information on documents, estimates, invoices, prescription labels, and rabies certificates. 
  • Reporting on individual practice revenue.
  • Appointment scheduler suites that can be viewed for each location.
  • One IDEXX support contract for all practice locations.
  • Eliminate the need for separate servers and Cornerstone instances for each practice location.

MLSD Project Types

  • Conversion: Converting data from an existing MLSD practice information management system (PIMS) into a Cornerstone.
  • Merge: Combines data from separate Cornerstone databases into one shared database with MLSD enabled. 
  • Conversion and Merge: Combines data from separate practice information management systems (with at least one of the databases needing to be converted to Cornerstone).
  • No Conversion or Merge: Add a Practice Location to an existing Cornerstone Database.

Is Multi-Location Single Database a Good Fit for Your Business?

Good candidates for enabling Multi-Location Single Database Include:

  • Multiple practices that want to share client and patient records that have access to the same information. 
  • Practices interested in the option of printing practice-specific information on invoices, statements, documents, prescription labels, etc.
  • Businesses purchasing or opening a new practice location while maintaining a single server and Cornerstone instance.

Watch this video to see if Multi-Location Single Database is a good fit for Your Business: Cornerstone Multi-Location Single Database (approximately 20 minutes)

Next Steps for Enabling MLSD for Your Cornerstone Database

Please complete this questionnaire to get started with Multi-Location Single Database for Cornerstone!

  1. Open the questionnaire and confirm that you have watched the video above.
  2. Complete the questionnaire with important information about your business as it relates to MLSD (15-20 minutes).
  3. Submit the Questionnaire to request an MLSD Project.
    • Once a contract is signed, and MLSD is purchased we will schedule a series of meetings to enable MLSD and walk you through setup and training. 

Overview of MLSD setup

Regardless of which Project Type is selected for your business, Setup and Training will be needed.

Take a look at this Quick Reference Guide for an overview of Setup Guidelines: Working with a Cornerstone MLSD System

Default settings that will need to be addressed when transitioning to a Multi-Location Single Database: 

MLSD reporting features

A number of additional reporting is available in an MLSD environment. Some reports will separate financials by practice location, some by the logged-in practice at the time that transactions have been made. 

Important: End of Period processing occurs across all practice locations on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. You will be able to filter many of these reports by location or by revenue center.

  • Summary reports will use a combination of reporting information from Client Home Practice, Logged-in Practice location, and Revenue centers. 
  • Revenue centers can be defaulted by dispensing item, invoice item, invoice item classification, staff ID, or at the Practice level. 
  • Cornerstone only reports Accounts Receivable (A/R) by the client’s assigned Home Practice, regardless of where services are provided. 

Please refer to the Quick Reference Guide Working with a Cornerstone MLSD System for a full list of MLSD reports available. 

MLSD integrations

Many practices use integrated services with their Cornerstone software. It is important to consider what integrations you are currently using and how they may function within a Cornerstone MLSD environment. 

Common integrations to consider:

  • Reminder services 
  • Laboratory
  • Digital 
  • Credit card processing
  • Referral management
  • Wellness plans
  • Whiteboard displays
  • Pharmacy formulary
  • Online pharmacies
  • Data backup & recovery
  • Inventory ordering
  • Inventory dispensing
  • Telehealth services
  • Speech recognition 
  • Accounting software

System requirements and hardware guidelines

There are a number of system requirements and hardware guidelines that will need to be addressed prior to enabling MLSD. 

Please refer to this Quick Reference Guide for important information you will want to share with your local IT contractor: Requirements for a Cornerstone MLSD System

This document references: 

  • Server & Licensing
  • Cornerstone Support agreement
  • Hardware firewall
  • Business-class internet connection
  • Hardware Virtual Private Network (VPN) 
  • Printer networking
  • Satellite clinic hardware considerations for digital, document scanning, workstations & Whiteboard displays
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