CareCredit® integration 

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CardCredit integration is available at no cost to you, starting with Cornerstone 9.5. Using the CareCredit integration is an easy, self-guided setup that enables additional payment options to either process a payment directly or email/text a payment link using CareCredit’s online portal. Payments display on deposit reports and payment registers. These settings also enable sending an application to your clients using the existing CareCredit window, accessed from the toolbar or from the Activities menu (U.S. practices only). 

Click here to schedule the integration push to your server, if you have Cornerstone 9.5. To learn more about how the CareCredit integration works, click here.

Before you start

  • Set up security
    • Payment Type Setup
    • Payment Types
  • Set up a CareCredit merchant account


  • A CareCredit merchant ID is required to set up the integrated payment type. 

Set up the CareCredit payment type

Navigate to Controls > Payment types

  1. Select the Integrated CareCredit Payment and click Update
  2. Click Update and select Activate Integrated CareCredit Payment Solutions. 
  3. Click Configure Payments Solution
  4. For Multi-location single database (MLSD) practices, select the appropriate practice from the list. 
  5. Enter a 16-digit CareCredit Merchant Number. 
  6. Click Setup to validate. 
  7. Select the Activate options (CareCredit Payments and/or CareCredit Apply) and click OK
  8. Add the payment type to your credit codes. This can also be applied under Controls > Credit codes.
  9. Click OK to complete setup. 

If you have an existing CareCredit payment type, it is recommended to name it CareCredit Offline. 

Using the integrated CareCredit payment type

Once payment type setup complete, use integrated payment type accordingly in your payment entry workflows.  

Payment processing occurs in an online portal. Just follow the prompts to process the payment or send a payment link to your client by text or email. Watch it in action here.

Additional information

CareCredit Application

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CareCredit® integration 

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