Practice information and settings

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Practice information includes the practice name, address, and phone numbers that appear on invoices, statements, estimates and prescription labels.

Practice settings include options for your practice such as practice revenue center, practice level information for controlled substance export, and account information for VetConnect PLUS, Email and Fax communications, inventory SmartOrder vendors, and other integrations.

Before you start

  • Security access to Practice List and Practice Setup dialogs.
  • Revenue centers setup
  • Account information for applicable services/integrations found in the Login/Password Management list.


  • The primary practice cannot be deleted or inactivated. In a Multi-location single database (MLSD) configuration, the practice set as Primary can be changed.
  • To set up Web PACS ordering, you must have:
    • A VetConnect PLUS account
    • An IDEXX Web PACS account
    • IDEXX PACS 4.4.1 or greater installed

Practice information setup

  1. Lists > Practice.
  2. Select listed practice and click Update.
  3. If Multi-Location Single Database (MLSD) is configured, click New to add a new practice.

Practice information

  1. Enter or modify the practice’s name and address information.
  2. Revenue Center: Enter the ID or press F2 to search and select the revenue center to use when adding an item to an invoice, PVL or estimate. For more information, see revenue center setup.
  3. Practice ID: Enter up to three alphanumeric characters to be used as the abbreviated practice name throughout Cornerstone.
  4. Lab Acct ID: The ID only needs to be entered if the practice has multiple IDEXX lab accounts.
    • If MLSD, the practice can enter their lab account per practice.
    • If not MLSD, you can enter the lab account by workstation under the Practice and Workstation defaults.
  5. Practice Color: (MLSD only) Select a color to identify the practice throughout Cornerstone and on the status bar at the bottom of the main Cornerstone application window.
  6. The following information is used for the controlled substance export feature. Each practice in an MLSD configuration can enter credentials per practice:
    • NCPDP/NABP ID: Enter your practice’s National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP) or National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) Provider ID.
    • National Provider ID: Enter your practice’s National Provider ID.
    • DEA Number: Enter your practice’s Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) number.
  7. Phones area:
    • Click Add to enter a new practice phone number or select an existing phone number and click Update.
    • Enter the Phone Information, including any notes. Click Primary Phone, if needed. Click OK to save your changes.
  8. Click OK to save information and return to the Practice List or continue to Login/Password Management.

Integrated services and applications: Login/Password Management

Set up login and password information for the following features to allow integration with Cornerstone.

Antech Diagnostics Laboratory

The following is required prior to entering information for Antech into practice information:

  • An Antech account and lab module is required.
  • Contact Antech to set up a lab account.
  • Please contact sales at 800-283-8386 for the Antech laboratory module for Cornerstone.

Entering the information in Cornerstone:

  1. Lists > Practice > Update > Login in/Password Management > Antech Reference Lab Results
  2. Enter your Antech account information.
  3. Click Validate Account.
  4. Click OK on the Login Settings Passed message.
  5. Click Close.

Multi-Location/Single Database only: Click Apply Primary Practice Settings to use the same settings as the primary practice. The account information boxes are automatically completed. Otherwise enter practice specific account information, following above steps to validate.

Communications – Email

Communications – Fax



Petly Wellness Plan

rVetlink Referral Request

Vendor – IDEXX

Vendor – MWI Veterinary Supply

Vendor-Patterson Veterinary Supply eshelf

VetConnect Plus

Additional information

Practice names

Multi-Location/Single Database (MLSD) configured practices

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