Set up hardware for HL7 transmissions

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HL7 is a range of standards for the transfer of health data between applications. Cornerstone uses this standard to transfer information between Cornerstone and pharmacy dispensing cabinets. Use the steps below to set up the communication between Cornerstone and the hardware (dispensing cabinet).

Before you start



Set up hardware

Navigate to Lists > HL7 Setup.

  1. Click the Add button.
  2. In Description, type the name of the hardware device that will be used for transferring HL7 records. Press Tab.
  3. Select the hardware vendor for this device.
  4. In the Type field, specify DISPENSING or IMAGING as the hardware type.
  5. Type the IP address to be used to connect to the hardware device.
  6. Type the port number in the Receive Port# field to receive the HL7 records.
  7. In Send Port#, type the port number to be used for sending the HL7 records.
  8. Select the default inventory location from which the items will be consumed.
  9. The Practice field is for multi-location, single database-configured practices (MLSD). Select the practice associated with this unit to apply the appropriate sales tax.
    Note: If the HL7 Setup practice does not match the practice or item tax setup, tax will not be applied on the Patient Visit List (PVL) when an item is dispensed from the unit. It will need to be added manually from the PVL/invoice.
  10. In the Revenue Center field, select the default revenue center to which items will be applied.
  11. In the Disp Item field, enter the Dispensing Item ID used for items dispensed from this cabinet. This Dispensing Item will be the default for any invoice Items transferred with dispensing items attached.
  12. Select Connect Source to have the source connect when the Cornerstone software is started.
    Note: If necessary, deselect this check box to disable transmissions temporarily.
  13. Select Send Notification on Check In/Out to have an admission or discharge record sent when a patient is checked in or out.
  14. To set up an additional HL7 hardware device, repeat steps 2–14.
  15. Select Overwrite PVL items that are not performed with HL7 records to allow any existing items on the Patient Visit List (PVL) to be overwritten with an HL7 transmission if the existing item is not marked as performed.
  16. Select Overwrite estimates and appointments on the PVL to allow any existing items on the Patient Visit List from an estimate or from the Appointment Scheduler to be overwritten with an HL7 transmission.
  17. To delete a hardware device that was previously added, click within the device’s Description field and click Delete.
  18. Click OK to save your changes and close the HL7 Setup window.

Maintain HL7 transmissions

Cornerstone software supports the transfer of HL7 admission/discharge and financial transaction records to and from applicable hardware devices for imaging and for drug dispensing. Once you have set up the HL7 hardware, Cornerstone software will automatically send and receive the HL7 records based on the hardware settings. In the event that a problem is encountered while processing an HL7 transmission, the HL7 record will be held for processing on the Maintain HL7 Transmissions window.

Navigate to Tools > Maintain HL7 Transmissions.

Filter transmission errors list

When the Maintain HL7 Transmissions window first opens, all unaddressed transmission errors are displayed in the error list.

  1. Select the error source from the drop-down list in the top left corner to filter the error list.
  2. To display specific types of errors, select or clear the check boxes:
    • Warnings
    • Failed
    • Others
    • Addressed

View error information

Select the error row. The error information is displayed below the list.

This information includes:

  • Transmission type
  • Source (hardware)
  • Transmission date
  • Reason for the transmission failure: To display the value, move the cursor over the Reason for Failure or the HL7 File column.

Note: For financial transaction errors, there can be multiple errors within each row. See Address financial transaction errors for more information.

Address admission/discharge errors

Admission and discharge errors indicate that a check-in/out record was not successfully transmitted to the patient list on the hardware device. To retransmit the check-in/check-out record, do the following.

  1. Select the admission/discharge error row.
  2. Click Resend Check In/Out.

Note: The information must include valid client and patient IDs.

Address financial transaction errors

There can be multiple financial transaction records within each row. Address each error individually, as follows.

  1. Select/highlight a financial transaction row. The number of associated financial transaction errors is displayed on the right side of the Specifics area.
  2. Click the left and right arrows to navigate through the financial transaction errors.
    • The details of each transaction are displayed to the left.
    • The correct information is displayed in green. Errors that need to be addressed are displayed in red.
  3. In Specifics, replace any red values with the correct information. Use F2 in most fields to select information from a list.
  4. In the Comment field, enter any comments you want to include on the Patient Visit List (PVL). The “Corrected HL7 Transmission” comment is displayed by default.
  5. Once all fields in the Specifics area have been corrected, click Write to Patient Visit List to send the record to the PVL.

If records were manually added to the PVL that no longer need to be addressed through this process, do the following:

  1. Select the applicable error so it is displayed in the Specifics area.
  2. Click Mark As Done.

    Purge transmission errors that have already been addressed

    After transmission records have been addressed, you can delete them at any time by clicking the Purge button.

    To display errors that have already been addressed, select the Addressed check box located at the top of the Transmission errors area.

    When you purge records, all records marked with the green Error Addressed message are permanently removed from the system.

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