Changing IDs

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Use the Change IDs tool to change a client ID, patient ID or invoice item IDs.

Before you start




  • We strongly advise making a backup of your database before changing IDs. 
  • Performing an ID change should be performed during a time of low system use. 
  • For patients with VetConnect PLUS results, you will need to edit the patient’s profile information on for past results to display with the updated patient ID.  

How to change IDs

Navigate to Tools > Change IDs.

  1. Click Yes to the warning message to continue. Click No to exit.
  2. Select the Type of ID to change: Client ID, Invoice Item ID or Patient ID.
  3. In the first available row in the Current ID column, enter the ID or F2 to search and select from the associated list. Press the Tab key. The name of the client, patient or invoice item displays.
  4. In the New ID column, enter the ID you want to use and press Tab. If the ID is in use, click OK to the displayed message and enter a different ID in the new ID field.
  5. To change additional IDs, of the same type of ID, navigate to the next available row. Repeat steps 3 and 4.
  6. Click OK to process the ID change.
  7. Click Yes or No at the confirmation message.
  8. Review number of IDs changed and error results at bottom of window.
    • Successfully changed rows will display a checkered flag icon to left of row.
    • Unsuccessful changed row(s) will display a green flag icon.
  9. Click Reset to clear the window and start another change or click Close.

Additional information

Changing ID’s

Related Reports

These Cornerstone reports provide information from the actions outlined in this article. Each report has its own security access under the Reports tab of the Security Setup window. 

  • Client Master Report: List of clients by client ID
  • Client/Patient Master report: List of clients and patients by ID
  • Invoice Item Setup report: List of invoice items by ID
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Changing IDs

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