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View a list of users currently logged into the Cornerstone system.

Before you start

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    • User Information
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View user information

To check which computers are logged in to Cornerstone, open the User Information window.

Navigate to File > User Information.

  • User information will be displayed for all users currently logged into Cornerstone.
  • Use Refresh to update the list of users, if needed. Example: Some users may have logged out if this window was open for a while.
  • Click OK to exit the window.

End a user session

For tasks such as mass markup or purging data, exclusive use of the Cornerstone system is needed and only one user can be logged into Cornerstone. There are also situations where a seat license needs to be freed so another user can log in. In either of these situations, it may be necessary to end the session for the user through the User Information window. Before ending a session, review the following:

  • Last Name, First Name: This is the name of the staff logged into Cornerstone. The name will be listed as its entered in the Cornerstone Staff List. The field is blank if a user is not logged in.
  • User Login Time: The time when the user first logged in to the module. The field is blank if a user is not logged in.
  • DB Session ID: The database session associated with this Cornerstone module session.
  • DB Connected Time: This session’s total database connection time (in seconds).
  • DB Login Time: The date and time when the database session was initiated.

Use these steps to end a user session.

  1. Select a row on the screen.
  2. Click End Session and click OK, or click Cancel to retain the session.
  3. Upon return to the User Information window, continue ending sessions as needed, or click OK to close the window.

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Logged in users

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View logged in users

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