Appointment Scheduler: Changing time increments

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Changing the time increment used on the Appointment Scheduler after setting up and using the schedule is a multi-step process and should be carefully considered before proceeding. The essential steps include:

  • Remove all settings and purge all appointments.
  • Change the time increment and restore all settings.
  • Rekey appointments.

Before you start

• Perform a database backup.
• Make sure you have a copy of the Appointment Report before purging appointments the purge step will delete all appointments.
• Make note of appointment template settings, if using, before you delete them. Templates need to be reentered after you change the time increment and this information is not available in report form.


  • Purging appointments requires exclusive use of the database.
  • All former staff members used for scheduling appointments must be reactivated to enable removal of all staff settings as part of the time increment change process.
  • When running the appointment reports, select a date far enough in the future to ensure all appointments that will need to be rekeyed after completing the purge, will be on the report.
  • Before removing templates, make note of all template names and settings.
    • This information is not available in a report.
    • You will need to recreate templates after changing time increments, if using.


Step one: Reactivate staff and print reports

  1. Reactivate former staff so they appear on appointment reports: Lists > Staff.
  2. Print the following Appointment Scheduler reports: Reports > Appointment Scheduler
Report NameFilter informationComments
AppointmentsDate range needed for rekeyUse for rekeying appointments. Do not use the Summary version of the report.
Practice and Staff HoursN/AUse or rekeying staff hours and goals. Report and staff setup window displays active staff only.
Scheduled vs. GoalDate range needed for rekeyOptional if using appointment revenue goals. Useful to use as a double check for rekey for the number of scheduled appointments per day.
Tickler FileDate range needed for rekeyUse for rekeying appointments if retaining Tickler File entries.

Step two: Remove hours from each staff

  1. Controls > Appointment Scheduler > Staff Setup. Use the Practice and Staff Hours report for reference.
    • Select a name from the list and then click Hours.
    • Clear all check marks and click OK.
  2. Reinstate inactivate status for former staff so they no longer appear on appointment report and setup windows: Lists > Staff.

Step three: Remove Scheduling templates

  1. Controls > Appointment Scheduler > Practice Setup > Templates.
    • Set all days of the week to <none>, and then click OK.
  2. Controls > Appointment Scheduler > Template Designs
    • For each template, highlight the template name and click Delete.

Step four: Purge past and future appointments

  1. Activities > Appointment Scheduler > Appointment Purge. Exclusive use of Cornerstone is required.
  2. Verify/select options to the following:
    • Search for set to Any Staff and Any Room.
    • Dates to search To field set to at least one year in the future.
    • Preferred time set to Specific Range of 12:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m.
    • All days of the week selected.
  3. Click OK.

Step five: Delete Tickler file appointments

  1. Appointment Scheduler > Tickler
  2. Select an appointment and click Delete and Yes to confirm.
  3. When all entries deleted, click Close.

Step 6: Set new time increments and reset practice hours

  1. Controls > Defaults > Practice and Workstation > Appointment Scheduler > Hours
  2. Uncheck all the days of the week.
  3. Select the preferred time units option of 10 or 15 minutes.
  4. Select the days of the week and enter in the hours for each day, using the Practice and Staff Hours report for reference.
  5. Click OK.

Step 7: Restore staff hours, reason, time unit defaults, and template settings

  1. Staff
    • Set hours for each staff seeing appointments: Controls > Appointment Scheduler > Staff Setup > Hours
    • Consider review of goals to review room assignments: Controls > Appointment Scheduler > Staff Setup > Goals.
  2. Reason for Visit defaults: Controls > Appointment Scheduler > Reason for Visit
    • Select a reason from the list and click Update.
    • Set number of time units and click OK.
    • Repeat for each reason and click Close.
  3. Scheduling Templates
    • Controls > Appointment Scheduler > Template Designs
      • Click New.
      • Enter description and set template per times and rooms as needed. Click OK.
      • Repeat as needed per template.
    • Controls > Appointment Scheduler > Practice Setup > Templates.
      • Set template per day of the week to , and then click OK.
  4. Rekey appointments and Tickler File entries.

Additional Information

Changing time increments
  • Purge dates are recommended to be far enough into the future so that all appointments in the system will be purged. The past date defaults to 1/1/1980.
  • If there are older rooms that are no longer needed and you are unable to delete them after the purge, customer support can assist.

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