Reports: How to search, run, and print

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Create/run a report, apply sort and filtering as needed, then preview, print, or save the report to file.

Before you start

  • Security access to End of Day Reports, End of Month Reports, and End of Year Reports dialogs
  • Security access to specific reports as appropriate for the user’s role and responsibilities

Search for a report

  1. Navigate to Reports > Find a Report
  2. Enter a keyword or phrase in the Search field and click Search
  3. The top five report matches are marked within their expanded categories. Select show all matches to view all potential matches.
  4. Click Show favorites only to display reports that meet the search criteria that are marked as favorites.

To browse all available reports, click [+] to open an individual report category group and display the reports within it or click expand all to open all category groups.

Note: The lock symbol denotes that the report is not available under the logged in user’s security settings. Locked reports cannot be run or marked as favorites.

Select a report to:

  • View a report’s output fields, description of the report, and a preview of the report in the right panel.
  • Click Favorite to mark the report as a favorite of the logged in user
  • Click Create to run the selected report

Create a report

  1. Reports > Find a Report > select a report
  2. Review the report information and example to ensure that it is the correct report needed and click Create
  3. Add range filter(s) if needed and available to narrow report information:
    • Select a range description
    • Enter starting and ending values such as date range, alphabetic or numeric sequence
    • Use the And/Or menu to add additional range(s) and determine if criteria results need to meet both (AND) or either (OR) range.
      AND example: a list of items sold within a specific date range AND Class ID
      OR example: a list of items sold within a specific date range and Class ID A or Class ID B
  4. Do one of the following:
    • Click Preview to view the report. You can print or save from the preview window
    • Click Print to set print options and print the report
    • Click Save As to specify a file name and type to save the data to a file

More on print, preview, and save

  • Preview: view the report.
    • The number of records and report page count is displayed.
    • Report preview windows also have a print and save option available.
  • Print: get a physical copy.
    • Opens a print options window to select a printer, copies, page and range selections.
    • Some reports are sent directly to the default or assigned printer without an options window appearing. (Ex: Check in report, Snapshot report graphs)
  • Save As: get a digital copy.
    • Save the report to a designated location.
    • Choose a file name and type such as PDF, csv, or xls.
    • Extra fields maybe available when saving a report. Select a report to see the additional fields available on the right side of the window.

Additional information

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