Compliance Assessment Tool overview

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You can use the Compliance Assessment Tool to search for patients who visited the practice during a specified date range and check to see if they received recommended services based on species, breed, age, weight, or diagnosis. This helps to identify missed care and revenue opportunities at a practice and provider level.  

Patient protocols

To use the Compliance Assessment Tool, your practice protocols for recommended care for patients need to be set up in Cornerstone.

Predefined protocols

Some predefined protocols named by species, age, and weight are provided for you as a starting point and can be viewed by clicking the Display predefined IDEXX protocols check box in the Protocol Setup Wizard and on the Compliance Results window. Using the predefined protocols can save your practice time. Just assign your practice’s invoice items to the tests on the predefined protocols.  

Protocol setup

You can also set up your own protocols using the Protocol Setup Wizard.  A sample protocol (Senior Canine Dental) is provided to help you understand how a protocol is defined in the Compliance Assessment Tool. 

Once protocols are setup, you can do the following:

  • Run compliance reports and measure your compliance. Note: You can set the check in or invoice date to use when generating compliance results and reports. 
  • Set protocols as a patient alert to prompt your team to discuss missing services from the patient’s history.

Types of compliance searches

The Compliance Assessment Tool offers two types of compliance comparisons: regular or alternative. After the species, breeds, sex, weight and diagnosis is setup for your protocol, a message will display asking which type of compliance search you would like to do. The rest of the setup steps will vary based on which search is selected.

Regular Compliance search

Regular compliance search looks for patients to see if they received any or all recommended services based on species, breed, age, weight, or diagnosis. These protocol types can also be used as a patient alert.
Example: Search for senior patients seen in the last six months to find any recommended services from your senior care protocol that were not provided. 

Alternative compliance search

Alternative compliance search looks for missing services based on other services provided. These protocol types are only available as reports.
Example: Search for all patients who received heartworm preventives to see if they also received a heartworm test. 

Additional Information

Age and weight ranges

Compliance Assessment Tool FAQs

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Compliance Assessment Tool overview

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