9.5 Release highlights

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Check out some of the new and updated features in Cornerstone 9.5. For more information on Cornerstone 9.5, explore our other resources.

Before you start

Set security access for new features and reports.


  • Quickly mark and find all your favorite reports from the Report Search window
  • Track appointment and block scheduling, modifying, and deleting with the new Appointment Audit report.

Check these new features out under Reports > Find a Report.

Daily Navigation

  • Client and Patient ID fields on primary workflow windows have a new drop-down that accesses your recently accessed clients and patients accordingly. The setting for the number of records to display can be modified under client and patient defaults. Available on the following windows:
    • Patient Clipboard
    • New Appointment
    • Client Account
    • Patient Visit List, etc.
  • Client, Patient, and Item lists now retain search criteria when you return to the list from updating a selected record. The search criteria is retained until it is modified or the list is closed and reopened.
  • There is a New Client Communication tab on the Patient Clipboard for all Cornerstone emails sent to your client.
  • Primary and secondary reasons for visit can now be inactivated.

Online payment requests

Note: Cornerstone integrated payments is required to use this feature. Applies to U.S. practices only.

Email or text a payment request as part of your existing invoicing workflow or send requests when needed.


  • Want List entries will notify you if an item is already on an order or on backorder.
  • The Purchasing Work List has new filters for location and classification for both single and multi-location inventory setups.
  • Purchase orders now have an option to have the same item added more than once. Use it to manage the following scenarios:
    • Buy x get y free
    • Discounted items
    • Specific quantities ordered for a specific client or practice location.
  • The Receive Purchase Order window has a new Extended Cost column. It also retains the order of manually entered receipts.
  • Inventory reports now include an option to include/exclude inactive items.
  • Inventory windows retain column selections for display and order for the logged-in user. You can also sort the window by any column.


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9.5 Release highlights

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