Purge clients and patients

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Purging aged records that are no longer needed reduces the amount of displayed client accounts and patient medical history and decreases the size of reports that include history. Removing outdated client and patient records also declutters your client and patient lists and improves Cornerstone performance.

Before you start

  • Database Purge 

Other tasks/requirements


  • Back up your database before purging any data. Purging cannot be reversed.
  • Purging records should align with your state board’s medical and controlled substance records’ retention requirements.

Purge criteria

The following criteria must be met to successfully purge client and patient information.

  • The client has 100% ownership of all of their patients.
  • All of the patients owned by the client must meet the patient purge criteria.
  • The client does not have any of the following:


How to purge

Navigate to Tools > Purge Data.

  1. Verify you have a recent backup and Click OK to the backup reminder message.
  2. Select Type of Purge:
    • Purge both clients and patients to remove all records that fit the criteria.
    • Purge only patients to remove patients and associated information that fit the criteria.
    • Purge specific information and select specific information to purge. This will only remove outdated history, yet retain the client/patient record.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Change the Last date to purge to an earlier date, if needed. This will retain records for longer than the timeframe set in the default settings.
  5. Options area:
    • Select Print list of records purged to print a list of the records purged, if needed. A text (.txt) file is automatically saved to the cstone folder.
    • Specify Select/purge by ID or Select/purge by name.
  6. Based on type of purge and/or specific information selected, define the client and patient parameters:
    • Enter the appropriate ID or name (or part of the name or ID) of the first client or patient.
    • Enter the appropriate ID or name (or part of the name or ID) of the last client or patient.
    • To purge information for a single client or patient, enter the same ID in both the First and Last fields.
    • Modify the Status of the clients or patients, if needed: Active, Deceased (Patient only) or Inactive.
    • Modify the Classifications of the clients or patients, if needed.
  7. Click OK to start the purge or click Close to return to the purge type selection window, if needed.
  8. Click Yes or No on the continue to purge confirmation.
  9. Selected clients and patients are evaluated, and you may be prompted to retain specific information or client/patient records. Click Yes or No as applicable.
  10. If there is a reason a client or patient was not deleted, the reason is displayed in the Purge Summary. Click Print to print the summary or click X to close the message.
  11. Click OK on the message regarding the text file being saved to the cstone folder.
  12. Click OK on the purged history report will now be printed message. This message will display if Print list of records purged was selected.
  13. Click OK on the purge is complete message.

Additional Information

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Purge clients and patients

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