CareCredit® integration 

CardCredit integration is available at no cost to you, starting with Cornerstone 9.5. Using the CareCredit integration is an easy, self-guided setup that enables additional payment options to either process a payment directly or email/text a payment link using CareCredit’s

Appointment Scheduler: Changing time increments

Changing the time increment used on the Appointment Scheduler after setting up and using the schedule is a multi-step process and should be carefully considered before proceeding. The essential steps include: Instructions Step one: Reactivate staff and print reports Report

Reports: How to search, run, and print

Create/run a report, apply sort and filtering as needed, then preview, print, or save the report to file. Search for a report Navigate to Reports > Find a Report. To browse all available reports, click [+] to open an individual

Create and maintain Cashier IDs

Create Cashier IDs to require a password and track Staff IDs when payments are applied. Setup a Cashier ID Navigate to Lists > Cashier ID. Update Cashier IDs Navigate to Lists > Cashier ID. Delete a Cashier ID Navigate to

Set up hardware for HL7 transmissions

HL7 is a range of standards for the transfer of health data between applications. Cornerstone uses this standard to transfer information between Cornerstone and pharmacy dispensing cabinets. Use the steps below to set up the communication between Cornerstone and the

View logged in users

View a list of users currently logged into the Cornerstone system. View user information To check which computers are logged in to Cornerstone, open the User Information window. Navigate to File > User Information. End a user session For tasks

IDEXX Database and Services

The Cornerstone software runs several IDEXX services in the background on your computer. The IDEXX Database and Services window allows you to monitor the coordination of these services with each other and with your Cornerstone database. Open the Database and

Purge inventory

Learn how to purge specific types of inventory information from Cornerstone. How to purge inventory Navigate to Tools > Inventory Purge. Additional information

Make a copy of your database

It is recommended to do a backup prior to a purge or mass markup, as they cannot be reversed. The following steps will create a copy of your Cornerstone database in the IDEXX folder of the drive your Cornerstone software

Strategy for sending reminders

Predetermine and follow a strategy for generating and sending reminders to protect your client base, enhance client loyalty, improve preventative care and increase revenue. Reminder system elements Letter and callback type reminders are added to and updated for a patient