Working with Mobile Computing

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When a mobile computer is created it has a copy of the Cornerstone database. Learn how to check out medical notes/correspondence, synchronize data, undo or delete a mobile computer, and do other mobile computing tasks.

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  • Deleting a mobile computer should only be done if the laptop is lost, stolen, or broken and the data is recoverable. Once a mobile computer is deleted, any data not synchronized is lost.

Checking out medical notes/correspondence

If a staff member plans to update tentative medical notes and correspondence from the laptop, this information must be “checked out” to the laptop. The checkout process is set up when a laptop is created and can be changed when the laptop is synchronized.

Medical notes and correspondence checked out to a staff member on a laptop cannot be updated on the main system until the laptop is synchronized and the notes and correspondence for that staff member are checked back in.

When a staff member’s tentative medical notes and correspondence are checked out, the staff member may only update the notes and correspondence on the laptop. New medical notes and correspondence may be created on either the main system or the laptop.


Dr. Jones and Dr. Smith alternate time spent in the office. The first week, Dr. Jones is on the road. Dr. Jones’ tentative medical notes and correspondence are “checked out” on the laptop. Dr. Jones’s tentative medical notes and correspondence may only be updated from the laptop. Neither she nor anyone else can update her tentative medical notes and correspondence from the main system. The next week, Dr. Jones will be in the office and Dr. Smith will be on the road. The laptop must be synchronized, and Dr. Jones’s tentative medical notes and correspondence must be checked back into the main system. Mark’s tentative medical notes and correspondence must be checked out on the laptop.

Synchronization best practices

Ensure the following is in place before synchronization and while using the mobile computer.

Workstation settings

  • Mobile computers must be set up in Windows with Administrator rights.
  • Ensure that computer power save is turned off on disk and NIC.
  • Ensure that internal firewalls are turned off.

Using Cornerstone on a mobile computer

To ensure the minimization of issues, such as conflicts or exceptions, during synchronization, avoid doing any of the following while using a mobile computer.

  • Updating call back notes on call back reminders.
  • Do not void invoices on the mobile computer.
  • Avoid creating the same clients in both systems. Merging client records requires undoing the mobile computer and takes additional time.

Prepare your data

Before synchronizing, ensure the following:

  • Close any open invoices that have been created on the mobile computer.
  • Ensure you do not need to run any transactions on the main database during the mobile synchronization.

Set up the proper connections

Before synchronization, it is important to ensure your mobile computer runs off one connection only. If both the Wi-Fi and Ethernet are connected, the synchronization can freeze or cause an error.

  1. Close Cornerstone on the mobile computer.
  2. Plug in or dock the mobile computer to connect the Ethernet cable.
  3. Click the Wi-Fi icon in the system tray on the bottom right side of the computer desktop.
    • Select the Wi-Fi network that the computer is currently connected to.
    • Select the option to disable or disconnect from the network.
  4. Once your computer is running on the direct network connection via the Ethernet cable, continue with synchronization

Synchronizing the mobile computer

It’s important to download the data from the laptop to the main practice database and to update the laptop database from the main practice database on a regular basis, so both systems are up to date. This process is called synchronization.

Note: If synchronizing from a workstation with Auto-Lock/Logoff settings, the idle timer will not begin until after the synchronization is complete.

  1. Log in to the Cornerstone software.
  2. Navigate to Tools > Mobile Computing > Synchronize.
  3. Follow the prompts until they are inactive.


  • Do not click the Back button during the synchronization process.
  • Do not synchronize multiple mobile computers simultaneously.
  • If an error occurs during the synchronization process, contact support. Do not reattempt synchronization; this may cause duplicate data.

After synchronization is complete, anything that was entered on the mobile computer/laptop (estimates, invoices, prescriptions, etc.) is placed in the main practice database. Likewise, anything entered into the main system is synchronized with the mobile computer. You will be able to tell where the estimate/invoice originated from based on the ID. Part of the number is the identifying ID of the laptop.

You can reconnect the computer to Wi-Fi after synchronization is complete.

Conflicts and Exceptions

If there is a conflict between the laptop database and the main system, you must resolve it before the synchronization can continue. For example, if new client records were entered on the laptop and main system using the same ID, a message will display during synchronization. You will be required to enter a new ID for the client record created from the laptop before synchronization can continue.

Occasionally, data from the laptop may be overwritten by data from the main system during the synchronization process. For example, if the same client’s address was updated on both the laptop and the main system, the address entered from the main system will overwrite the address entered from the laptop. This is called an exception. If an exception occurs, you can print the Exception Report from the laptop during synchronization. If needed, you can use this report to update the data on the main system.

Undoing the mobile computer

If you are upgrading or changing laptops or want to use the laptop as a regular Cornerstone workstation, remove the laptop from the Mobile Computing List.

Note: Be sure to synchronize the mobile computer before removing it from the list, so as not to lose any data.

Perform this task on the laptop, which must be connected to the Cornerstone Database Server:

Navigate to Tools > Mobile Computing > Undo Mobile Computer.

  1. Once you click Undo Mobile computer, a message will display.
  2. Click Yes if you are sure you want to remove the laptop. The laptop is part of the Cornerstone network again.

Mobile computing List

The Mobile Computing List shows the list of laptops that have been created from your database. If you want to check which laptops are in use or when the last data synchronization for a laptop occurred, view the Mobile Computing List. View the mobile computing list from the main system.

Navigate to Tools > Mobile Computing > Mobile Computing List.

If there were exceptions during the synchronization, select the synchronization date and click Report. If your practice has multiple laptops, select the laptop first, then select the synchronization date.

Delete a mobile computer

Only delete a laptop/mobile computer if it cannot be accessed. Examples: The laptop is lost, stolen, or broken.

When a laptop is deleted, all data that has not been synchronized is lost.
Example: On Monday, you synchronize your laptop, and all data from the laptop database is now in your main database. You use the mobile Tuesday through Thursday without synchronizing. The laptop was dropped and broken Friday morning, and data cannot be retrieved from it. To free up a seat license, the laptop must be deleted. The information entered from Tuesday through Thursday is lost.

Deletions are performed on your main system.

Navigate to Tools > Mobile Computing > Mobile Computing List.

  1. Select the laptop you want to delete from the system and click Delete.
  2. Click Yes when prompted to delete the mobile computer/laptop.

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