Using Veterinary Pharmacy Reference

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Veterinary Pharmacy Reference (VPR) is a third-party software produced by Veterinary Software Associates, LLC. It is an interactive drug reference tool that, once installed, can be set up and integrated with Cornerstone via the Pharmacy Formulary module. The Pharmacy Formulary module is a separate purchase. Learn how to utilize the VPR tools within Cornerstone.

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Access to the Pharmacy Formulary

The Pharmacy Formulary within Cornerstone accesses the following functions from the Veterinary Pharmacy Reference (VPR) software:

  • Dosage Calculator
  • Conversion Charts
  • Antiparasitic agents
  • Drug Interaction Matrix

Find these features (with the exception of the interaction matrix) under Activities > Pharmacy Formulary > Dosage Calculator.

All features can be accessed from the Pharmacy button which is available on any of these windows:

  • Invoice
  • Patient Visit List
  • Prescription Information

Dosage Calculator

Before using the pharmacy formulary, you must match the drugs in the formulary to the invoice items in Cornerstone. Use the dosage calculator to calculate the dosage to prescribe for a patient based on the weight, species, and available forms of the drug.

Navigate to Activities > Pharmacy Formulary > Dosage Calculator.

  1. Select the Feline check box if you are performing a calculation for a cat, as the dosage is slightly different.
  2. Enter the patient’s weight in the Weight field. Select the appropriate unit of measure (grams, kilograms, ounces, or pounds) from the drop-down box.
  3. Enter the dosage for the patient as mg per kg or mg per m (2).
  4. Click in the Invoice item ID field. Type the name of the drug and press F2 to select it from the list.
    • The available forms and recommended dosages appear.
    • You can only select invoice items that are linked to the pharmacy.
  5. Enter the available form of the drug. To ensure a correct dosage calculation, enter as follows:
    • Tablets: Enter the size in milligrams.
    • Liquids and injectables: Enter the amount in mg per ml.
  6. Click Calculate Dosage Amount. The system calculates the number of tablets or milliliters to prescribe.
  7. Determine how many tablets or milliliters to prescribe for the patient:
    • Enter the number of times per day the medication will be administered and for how many days the patient will be on the medication.
    • Click Calculate Prescription.

Conversion Charts

The pharmacy formulary contains four conversion charts for your medical reference.

Navigate to Activities > Pharmacy Formulary > Conversions charts. Select any of the following to view conversions.

  • Temperature Conversions: The chart displays conversions from Celsius to Fahrenheit.
  • Weight and Measure Conversions: View a chart of common weight conversions and measurement abbreviations.
  • Common Abbreviations: View a chart of common medical abbreviations.
  • Body Surface Area Chart: The chart converts weight in kilograms to body surface area

Antiparasitic agents

Navigate to Activities > Pharmacy Formulary > Antiparasitic Agents.

  1. Select the species.
  2. Select the antiparasitic agent (drug) from the drop-down list.
    • If the drug effectively treats a parasite for that species, a green dot will be displayed next to the parasite’s name.
    • A red dot will be displayed if the drug is ineffective in treating a parasite for that species.

Drug interaction matrix

The drug interaction matrix allows you to check a drug against other drugs in the patient’s system or being prescribed for the patient. This creates a list of possible drug interactions.

To use the drug interaction matrix, you must link your invoice item IDs to drugs in the Veterinary Pharmacy Reference database.

You can access the drug interaction matrix by clicking Pharmacy in any of the following windows:

  • Invoice
  • Patient Visit List
  • Prescription Information

Note: An invoice item must be linked to a drug in the Veterinary Pharmacy Reference database for the Pharmacy button to be active on these windows.

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Using Veterinary Pharmacy Reference

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