Using Microsoft Word with Cornerstone

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If you want to use the advanced formatting and editing options available in Microsoft Word, create a document in Word and use Word’s Bookmark command to indicate where you want to merge Cornerstone data in the document. 

Before you start

  • Set Security: Correspondence
  • Setup: Microsoft Word installed on the workstations you want to access the document from


  • For any questions on setting up documents and bookmarks in word, use the Help menu within Microsoft Word.

Create the document in Microsoft Word

Not all of Cornerstone’s data can be imported into Microsoft Word. The types of bookmarks in Cornerstone that can be associated with word bookmarks are:

  • Client
  • Miscellaneous
  • Patient
  • Staff
  • Practice

Before beginning to work with Word’s bookmarks, review the categories listed above in the Document Bookmarks article, to ensure you have an understanding of what bookmark names are available to link to word documents.

Once you have planned out your document and what bookmarks you will use from Cornerstone, complete the following steps:

  1. Type the document in word before adding it to Cornerstone.
  2. Note what information (such as the client’s name and address information or the patient’s name) you want to automatically insert into the document and where the information should be placed within the document.
  3. Add the bookmarks. To become familiar with this process, refer to Microsoft Word online Help.

Note: It is helpful to have both Cornerstone and Microsoft Word open on your desktop when preparing a document. 

Linking Microsoft word documents to Cornerstone data

When you have finished setting up the Microsoft Word document, you are ready to set up the Cornerstone fields that correspond to the Word bookmarks.

Cornerstone uses meaningful bookmarks to describe the fields the bookmarks represent. The client’s last name becomes LastName (and subsequently LastName1, LastName2, and so on as it is used in the document), although you can change the bookmark names in Cornerstone to match the bookmark names in the Word document.


  • Each Word bookmark name must match the corresponding Cornerstone bookmark name. You do not have to use Cornerstone’s default bookmark names, although this may be easiest.
  • Before you begin Review the Cornerstone document field names to become familiar with the bookmark names that Cornerstone will automatically generate.
  • Open Word. Use the Alt+Tab function to toggle back and forth to view the bookmark names created in the Word.

Navigate to Lists > Documents > Templates.

  1. Click New and then select MS Word document.The Document Setup dialog box appears.
  2. Enter a Document ID and a Document Name. This ID and name is stored in the Cornerstone system. You can accept the document ID that Cornerstone assigns.
  3. Enter the File Name of the Word document that contains the bookmarks.
    • Click Browse to select the file from the Choose Document File dialog box.
    • Select the Drive and File Name. Click OK to return to the Document Setup dialog box.
  4. In the Bookmarks area, select the File description. Available options are: Client, Miscellaneous, Patient, Practice, Staff
  5. Select the Cornerstone Field description that corresponds to the bookmark. The bookmark displays. Edit the bookmark to correspond with the bookmark name in the Word document, if necessary.
  6. Continue to enter the Bookmarks that correspond to the bookmarks in your word document.
  7. Click OK to save and return to the Document Template List.

Special instructions for custom rabies certificates created in Microsoft Word:

  • When you use a rabies tag and/or vaccine fields (in the Patient category), this document becomes a custom rabies certificate and cannot be printed through the standard process used with Word documents.
  • You can designate the document as a Custom certificate and select the document in the Vaccine Tag defaults.

Modify a document link

Navigate to Lists > Documents > Templates.

  1. Select the Word document to change and click Update.
  2. Make changes to the document information and bookmarks, as desired.
    • To delete a row, place the cursor in the row to delete and press CTRL+D.
  3. Click OK to save and return to the Document Template List.

Delete a document link

Navigate to Lists > Documents > Templates.

  1. Select the document to delete and click Delete.
  2. A message displays asking you to confirm the decision. Click Yes.

Using the document

Access and print the document for a patient, following the same workflow you would other correspondence documents in Cornerstone. Linked Word documents are print only and will not be stored in the patient history. For detailed information, see Adding a document to a patient record.

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Using Microsoft Word with Cornerstone

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