Using Image Explorer

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Overview of the options available on the Image Explorer including email, compare, import, delete, create a case, print, and more.

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  • Use IDEXX – PACS or IDEXX Web PACS for capturing digital radiographs and other diagnostic digital imaging, and for tasks related to diagnostic radiographs. This includes:
    • Comparing diagnostic images to each other or to images you import into the software
    • Sharing images by patient CD, email, DICOM send, and telemedicine
    • Reassigning diagnostic images to a different patient or client
    • Using DICOM features (DICOM send, import, query/retrieve)
    • Using telemedicine features to submit diagnostic images, track case status, and receive reports

Use the Image Explorer

To work with diagnostic (DICOM) images, open the image from the Patient Clipboard or click the IDEX-PACS button from the Image Explorer.

Many imaging tasks can be performed using Image Explorer.

Navigate using one of the following:

  • Toolbar > Image Explorer
  • Patient Clipboard > right click on a patient > Imaging > Image Explorer

If needed, search for and select the patient using one of the following methods:

  • Quick Search: Search for client or patient by name or ID and/or date or species. Click Search.
  • Advanced search: Search for client and patient by client/patient name or ID, location, species, keywords, date range, and/or type of modality (ultrasound, endoscope, etc.). Click Search.

  • Import: Import or acquire images captured by other devices. Examples: scanners, digital cameras, etc.
    Note: This creates a new series with the images you import. Do not use the Import button to add an imported image to an existing series.
  • Review: View, edit, annotate images, or add an imported image to an existing series.
  • Print: Select the image or images to print. A preview of the image printout displays. On the toolbar, click the Printer icon.
  • Email: Click the image, series, or study to email and click E-mail, or right-click one of the selected items and select E-mail.
  • Add to Case and Add New Case: Case management is primarily used with digital imaging. Use the case management features in IDEXX-PAC/Web PACS.
    Note: To send diagnostic images to a telemedicine provider, use IDEXX-PACS or a method your telemedicine provider recommends.
  • Reassign: Click the image to reassign to a different patient, and click Reassign.
  • Delete: Click an image and delete.
  • Capture: This feature is for IDEXX-PACS and Diagnostic imaging only.
    • To capture radiographs or work with diagnostic images, click IDEXX-PACS.
    • From IDEXX-PACS, do any of the following:
      • Capture, view, and compare images
      • Import or send DICOM images
      • Create a patient CD
      • Send a case with diagnostic images to a telemedicine provider.

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Using Image Explorer

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