Update IDEXX Reference Lab prices

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Use the IDEXX Lab Item Price Update tool to manually update the prices. This uses a designated markup on your laboratory tests and the newest IDEXX Reference Laboratories Directory of Tests and Services (Directory of Services).


  • IDEXX Reference Laboratories invoice item pricing can be set to run automatically. See the Lab settings section under Additional Information for details.
  • The tool uses the lab pricing default for calculations (list or invoice). You can also manually enter the client price for each test.

Before you start




  • Clicking Yes will update the prices for all items displayed in the Lab Item Price Update window. Once applied, changes cannot be undone.
  • If an invoice item is locked by another user (within the invoice item’s information screen), it will be left unchanged.
    • An entry will be logged in the Lab Item Price Update – Error Report.
    • The report is printed to the designated printer from the printer assignments, or to the default printer, if none is specified.

Update lab item prices

Navigate to Activities > Lab Work > Update IDEXX Lab Item Prices.

  1. Pricing information displays as:
    • Old Price—Price that the practice currently charges to clients.
    • Lab Price—New cost to your practice from from the IDEXX Reference Laboratories Directory of Services, based on selected pricing defaults: Activities > Lab Work > Laboratories.
    • New Price—New price that the practice will charge to clients: This is based on pricing defaults of IDEXX Reference Laboratories list or invoice pricing with your selected default markup applied.
  2. Use any of the following to modify display and recalculate new pricing:
    • Click any column header to sort the window in ascending/descending order by the column’s value. The window displays in profile description order by default.
    • Select Allow prices to go down (if it is not already selected) to allow invoice item prices to go down if IDEXX the latest Directory of Services update also has a lower price.
    • Modify the Markup pct value, if needed, and press Tab to recalculate the New Price. This box displays the default value specified in the IDEXX Reference Laboratory settings.
    • Select Hide rows with no invoice item price changes to show only those items that have price changes.
      • Clear the checkbox to display all IDEXX lab profiles that are linked to invoice items.
    • Remove rows as needed from the price update by selecting the row and pressing Ctrl + D.

You can also manually change prices in the New Price column by clicking in the field and entering a different price.

When finished, click Apply, and then click Yes when prompted to verify you want to apply the price changes.
Note: Clicking No will display the Update Lab prices window again. Click Cancel to leave the window without saving any changes.

The Cornerstone software will save the changed prices and display a message listing the number of items saved and the number of items with errors. Price changes are also reflected on the Invoice Item Price Information report.

Additional information

Lab settings

Pricing updates

Related reports

These Cornerstone reports provide information from the actions outlined in this article. Each report has its own security access under the Reports tab of the Security Setup window.

  • Invoice item Price Information report
  • Lab Request Profiles Report


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Update IDEXX Reference Lab prices

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