Units of measure for inventory items

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Each inventory type item is billed in some unit of measure. Inventory items can use both a sell unit of measure (SUOM) and a buy unit of measure (BUOM).

Before you start

  • Security access to Unit of Measure List, Unit of Measure Information dialogs.
  • Review the common weights, measurements and amounts already set up in the units of measure list to avoid duplicates such as cc and ml or tab and tablet.
  • If your practice uses the metric system, you should replace some measurements with metric units.


  • Descriptions must be unique. Duplicate descriptions are not permitted.
  • If you do not assign a controlled substance dosage unit to a unit of measure, Not Used will be automatically assigned and may interfere with the Controlled Substance Export file.


  1. Controls > Units of Measure
  2. Click New or select from the list and click Update.
  3. Enter/modify the description. Up to 20 alphanumerical characters and spaces can be used.
  4. Select a Controlled Substance Dosage Unit.

Additional information

Unit of measure

  • The Controlled Substance Dosage Unit is a hard coded drop-down list and cannot be modified. This correlates to the Controlled Substance Export feature.
  • If you do not assign a unit of measure to an inventory item, Cornerstone automatically assigns the unit of measure None to the item.

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Units of measure for inventory items

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