Travel sheets

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Create custom travel sheets with frequently used products and services to use in your practice. You can use travel sheets in your Cornerstone system to easily add invoice items to estimates, invoices, or Patient Visit Lists. Travel sheets can also be printed.

Before you start

  • Travel Sheet – List/Setup
  • Travel Sheet – Update/Create Sample


  • The Sample travel sheet cannot be modified but can be copied to an editable travel sheet.
  • Travel sheet descriptions must be unique.

Set up new travel sheets

Navigate to Lists > Travel sheets.

  1. Click New.
  2. Enter a description for the travel sheet.
    • To avoid truncation, used 55 alphanumerical characters/spaces or less.
    • Special character use is not recommended.
  3. Click Setup to build your travel sheet.
  4. Do any of the following to find items:
    • From the drop-down lists, select the classification and subclass from which you want to select items to display on your travel sheet.
    • Enter a specific ID or F2 to search and select from the invoice item list.
    • Select item types to include by selecting/clearing the applicable check boxes.
  5. Do any of the following to select items:
    • Click a single item.
    • Press Shift + click to select multiple sequential items.
    • Press Ctrl + click to select multiple non-sequential items.
    • Click Select All.
  6. In the Travel Sheet Description box:
    • Highlight the travel sheets to which you want to add the selected products and services.
    • You can also use Shift/Ctrl + click to select more than one sheet.
  7. Click Add. The associated travel sheet description(s) display with each item.
    • Repeat steps as needed for additional classifications/subclasses.
  8. To remove items, use the above steps and click Remove.
  9. Click View to see items per selected travel sheet. Click Close to return to the build window.
  10. Click OK to save your changes.
  11. Click Order to arrange the order of the classifications on your travel sheet using the arrow buttons.


  • Click Print and then Preview to view your travel sheet and make adjustments as needed.
  • You can only change the order of item classes, not the order of individual items on your travel sheet.

Maintain travel sheets

Navigate to Lists > Travel Sheets.

Select a travel sheet in the list and do any of the following:

  • Click Update to modify items, order of classifications on the selected travel sheet.
  • Click Delete to remove the travel sheet from the list.
  • Click Save As to make a copy of the selected travel sheet.
  • Click Print. In the Travel Sheet Print window, click Print and/or Preview to view your travel sheet and make adjustments as needed.

Tip: To easily remove a single item from a travel sheet, navigate to Lists > Invoice Item. Locate the item and navigate to the Travel sheet tab. Click to deselect the travel sheet the item should be removed from.

Create/update sample travel sheet

Navigate to Tools > Update/create Sample Travel Sheet.

  1. When the creation of the sample travel sheet is complete, the following message will display:
    • The sheet is created/updated based on the top 150 items sold in past 12 months.
    • The sheet will display on the Travel Sheets list as Sample Travel Sheet.
  2. Click OK.

Print a personalized travel sheet

Navigate to Lists > Travel Sheets.

  1. Choose the travel sheet to personalize and click Print.
  2. Modify the printed heading. Defaults to the selected travel sheet description.
  3. Select Yes from the Include client/patient heading box drop-down list. Select No to print generic travel sheets, if needed.
  4. In the Client field, do one of these:
    • Click the drop-down to select a recently accessed client.
    • Enter the client ID and press the Tab key.
    • Press F2 or double-click to search for and select the client from the Client List.
  5. Enter the patient ID in the Patient field. Press F2 or double-click to select from a list of the client’s pets.
  6. Make any modifications as needed for other included information, such as types of items to print, prices, and notes.
  7. Change the number of copies.
  8. Click Print.
  9. You can also print a personalized travel sheet with client and patient information prefilled by clicking the Travel Sheet button from the Check in and out window.

Using travel sheets to enter invoice items

  1. Click Travel Sheet from any of the following windows:
  2. If multiple travel sheets exist, select one from the list.
  3. In the Classification area, narrow the list of invoice items by doing one of the following:
    • Click to view travel sheet items for all classifications.
    • Click the specific classification.
    • Press Shift + Click or Ctrl + Click to select multiple sequential or non-sequential classifications.
  4. To choose an item, click on it. The item row turns green. The quantity will change to 1.
    • Click again to add to the quantity or enter quantity.
    • To deselect the item or reduce the quantity, right-click it until quantity is correct or item row is no longer green. Red indicates a negative quantity.
  5. Click on another classification or travel sheet to continue selecting items.
  6. To view the items that are selected for a patient, click <View Selected Items>.
  7. To transfer selected items to the invoice, click Transfer. Enter the billing Staff ID and click OK.
  8. Address any of the following, as needed:
    • Group item selections
    • Pick Lists
    • Dispensing items
    • Special actions: Prescription label, in house lab or imaging requests, vaccine tag, print document, etc.
  9. Items are added in classification, item ID order regardless of the order the items were selected.
  10. Use onscreen arrows to rearrange nongroup items as needed.

Additional Information

Remove items from the sample travel sheet

Because the top 150 items sold are automatically added to the sample travel sheet, items cannot be manually removed. To remove items from the sample travel sheet, do the following:

  1. Navigate to Lists > Invoice Item.
  2. Locate the invoice item and select Update.
  3. On the Info tab, select inactive from the drop-down list.
  4. Once the item is inactivated, recreate the sample travel sheet. The item will no longer display on the travel sheet.
  5. Re-activate the item, if needed.
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Travel sheets

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