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Set defaults per logged in staff ID to account for personal and department preferences.

Before you start

Security access for Defaults – Staff

Setup staff defaults

Controls menu > Defaults > Staff > Select Patient Clipboard, Toolbar, Miscellaneous, Inventory, and My Favorites tab

  1. In the Staff field, type the staff Id or press F2 to search and select.
  2. On each tab, select the appropriate defaults for that staff.
  3. When complete, select OK to save and close the window or Save and select a different staff ID and continue setting staff defaults.

Patient Clipboard tab

  • Select the tabs to appear on the Patient Clipboard for both Client and Patient areas.
  • Use the arrow buttons to change the order of the tabs.
  • Click Reset Defaults to change the settings back to original default selections.

Toolbar tab

  • Select toolbar buttons to display for the logged in staff.
    Note: Staff Toolbar defaults override Practice Toolbar defaults.

Miscellaneous tab

  • Select Default practice. This is for Multi-Location/Single Database (MLSD) configurations only.
  • Select Login page to open after logging in. Ex: The Appointment Scheduler for the front desk staff or Daily Planner for the medical staff.
  • Select Revenue center to be used when the staff ID is used on an invoice, Patient Visit List, or estimate.
  • Select the Appointment suite that should display for the staff, when opening Appointment Scheduler
  • Select Display backup log when logging in if the staff member would like information about the most recent back up.
  • Select Enable keyboard shortcuts in the Image Viewer, if applicable.
  • Select Show advanced search on Image Explorer to set as the default search option, if applicable.

Inventory tab

  • Select Auto save changes without prompting. It is recommended to clear the check box to avoid accidental changes.
  • Select Auto delete changes without prompting. It is recommended to clear check box to avoid accidental deletions when making inventory changes.
  • For multi-location inventory only: Select the Inventory location group and Location lists that inventory should be depleted from when this staff ID is used on an invoice, Patient Visit List, or estimate.

My Favorites tab

Customize the staff’s document template list in the right-click > Medical Note or Correspondence menus and favorites list in the document search.

  • Document templates:
    • To add a document template to the list, enter Doc ID or double-click or press F2 to search and select in the blank row to add a favorite template.
    • To remove a document template from the list, click on the template ID and press Ctrl + D.
  • Click OK to save your changes or click Save to update other staff.

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