Split billing process

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Split Billing allows you to divide the total owed to the practice between multiple owners of a patient, when the owners/clients are set up in a partnership. The billing is based on the percentage of ownership of the members within the partnership.  

Split billing occurs automatically as part of the end of month processing or can be performed manually on posted partnership invoices. 

Before you start




  • Partnership invoices must be left open (saved) to have the automatic split billing occur as part of end of month processing.  

Split billing: End of month

Start an invoice under the partnership account and leave the invoice open throughout the month, adding items as needed. 

Navigate to Activities > End of period > End of month

  1. Review list of open invoices displayed in the window, ensuring partnership invoices display with a Yes. Ideally, partnership invoices will be indicated by the invoice type or client name. 
  2. Continue end of month processing as indicated by your practice’s protocols. 
    • The amount of the partnership invoice is split among the partnership members.
    • The split is based on the percentages setup in the Partnership List.

Once end of month processing is complete:

  • The balance that the partnership owes the practice will be zero. The total owed is now divided among each member. 
  • Client monthly statements will include the members of partnerships and what they owe.
    • Print monthly invoices and statements as normal.
    • Each partnership member will have their account balance updated accordingly per their percentage of ownership within the partnership.  

Split billing: Manually

When you need to split a partnership invoice before your next End of Month process, post the invoice. 

Navigate to Activities > Split Partnership Invoices 

  1. Modify display by doing any of the following: 
    • Click any column header to sort by the column’s value in ascending/descending order.
    • Enter a range of partnership IDs or press F2 to select partnerships from the Partnership List.
  2. Select the invoice(s) to split, by doing any of the following: 
    • Click a single invoice. 
    • Use Shift = Click to select multiple consecutive invoices. 
    • Use Ctrl + click to select multiple nonconsecutive invoices. 
    • Click Select All
  3. Click OK

Additional information

Split billing

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Split billing process

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