Setup inventory items overview

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Inventory type items can be setup to different levels of tracking quantity on hand (QOH). Based on the intended use of the item, time requirements and reporting needs, not all inventory options may be necessary. Learn the different levels that inventory items can be tracked.

Before you start


  • Review current items and determine if updating existing or creating new items is needed. 

Tracking inventory items

Items to track

Not all items considered inventory need to be setup and tracked in Cornerstone. Use this chart for guidance on which items should be setup as inventory items.


  • Medications
  • Vaccines
  • SNAP* tests
  • Diet


  • Equipment
  • Office supplies
  • One time purchases


  • Medical supplies
  • Syringes and needles
  • Bandage Materials

Inventory Levels

Once it has been determined which items should be setup as inventory, determine which inventory level is best:

  • Inventory type item only
  • Maintain Quantity on hand
  • Maintain QOH w/reorder information
  • Maintain QOH w/track expiration dates
  • Maintain QOH w/track lot numbers

Open the toggles to view which features and reports are available depending on if you set up an item as only inventory type, maintain QOH, reorder information, etc.

Inventory features
Inventory featuresInventory type itemMaintain QOHMaintain QOH w/reorder informationMaintain QOH w/track expiration datesMaintain QOH w/track lot numbers
Want ListXXXXX
Suggested ListXX *X *
Return to VendorXXXX
Internal Stock UseXXXX
Stock Transfer **XXXX
Adjust Avg. CostXXXX
Adjust Vendor CostXXXXX
Linked ItemsXXXX

Inventory reports

* Required reorder information

** Multi-location Inventory only

Related reports

  • Inventory reports
  • Invoice Item setup report


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Setup inventory items overview

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