rVetlink overview and defaults

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Integration with rVetLink enables a referral practice to see and manage incoming referrals from within Cornerstone using the Cornerstone Referral Request List and Referral Request Details windows. A subscription and account validation steps are required.

Before you start


rVetlink overview

Setup overview

Once your rVetLink portal is set up complete the following steps to use the integrated feature within Cornerstone

  1. Enter and validate your portal credentials under Lists > Practice > Account Information > rVetLink Referral Request.
  2. Set up staff security for access to the Referral Request List and the Referral Request Details windows.
  3. Additional setup can also include (optional):
    • Adjust the refresh rate to check for new incoming referral information.
    • Set the rVetLink icon to display on the toolbar for each staff login that will access the Referral Request List.
    • Update the integrated medical note used in the referral intake workflow to have all referral documents for each referral instance in a single location.
      Note: The integrated note is essential to the referral workflow and cannot be substituted.
    • Set matching data values: Create patient species and sex lists in your rVetLink portal with descriptions identical to those in Cornerstone. When you add referral patients to Cornerstone, the rVetLink information automatically populates most of the patient fields.

Usage overview

  • Open the Referral Request List to see all incoming referrals. This provides a high-level view that you can sort and filter.
  • Double-click a row from the Referral Request List to open the Referral Request Details window, where you can review detailed information, assign or reject a referral, add medical notes, and more.

Referral defaults

Navigate to Controls > Defaults > Practice and Workstation > Referrals.

Enter a value from 1 to 30 in the field to set the time interval, in minutes, for rVetLink to refresh the referral request list. One minute is the default.

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    rVetlink overview and defaults

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