Revenue center setup

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Learn how to set up Revenue Centers to efficiently track income from various departments or businesses within your practice. Revenue centers are used on estimates, Patient Visit Lists, and invoices.

Before you start

  • Security access to Revenue Center List and Revenue Center Information dialogs.
  • Determine if additional revenue centers are needed for reporting.


  • Revenue Center IDs cannot be modified once created.
  • Revenue Centers cannot be inactivated or deleted once used.

Classifications or revenue centers?

If you are a single practice, typically classifications will be adequate for your invoicing and reporting needs. Review the various reports available that sort income by invoice item classification.

Revenue Centers can help allocate income when invoice items are shared between departments or separate businesses. For example: 

  • Practices that has specialty departments like surgery, internal medicine, rehabilitation, etc.
  • Practices that have separate businesses but share Cornerstone like grooming, specialty services, daycare, etc.
  • Practices that run an emergency clinic at night and track business during specific hours

Setting up or modifying revenue centers

  1. Lists > Revenue Centers
  2. Click New or Update
  3. Enter a description for Revenue Center up to 30 alphanumeric characters.
  4. Enter an ID (3 alphanumeric character limit) if creating a new revenue center.
  5. MLSD only: Select which Practice will use the revenue center.
  6. Click OK.

Additional information

Revenue Center Defaults

  • Revenue centers can be changed on the estimate, PVL or invoice. If there are no default revenue centers, you must manually enter a revenue center in order to save or post an estimate, PVL or invoice.
  • Default Revenue Centers can be assigned to invoice items, invoice item classifications, staff members and practices (MLSD only). Cornerstone will look for and use the revenue center assigned in the following order:

  • To reduce need for manual changes, determine best level to set a default Revenue Center:
    • Set at item level if the item is only used for a specific revenue center.
    • Set at classification level if all items within the class are only used for a specific revenue center.
    • Set at staff level when the billing staff used on estimate, PVL or invoice is only used with a specific center.
    • Use practice level when configured for MLSD and logged in practice is associated with a specific center.

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Revenue center setup

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