Reporting Collection

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Find the reporting information you need now or become a reports expert with our collection of report resources.

  • Articles: Knowledgebase articles, on individual reporting topics, provide easily readable, more detailed steps to searching for and running reports.

Check out this quick reference guide with links to instructions on how to run our most commonly asked for reports. In addition, utilize the glossary for definitions on Cornerstone report terminology.

Become a reports expert

Earn 2.5 CE credits and become a Cornerstone reports expert. After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Determine your reporting goals to define your report criteria.
  • Explain what sort options and filters are and use them to run a report.
  • Recognize frequently used reports and match the reports to the scenario to use them in.
  • Compare common reports and explain their differences.
  • Choose the best report that fits the report goals.

Check out our Professional Services catalog for additional report courses and other course offerings!

Search for and run reports

Learn how to search for, run and print reports, as well as the answers to frequently asked reporting questions.

Clients and patients

Discover our most commonly asked for reports for clients and patients, such as all invoices for a patient within a date range, patients of a specific breed and/or sex, and clients who owe money.

Invoice items and inventory

Run a report by classification or class ID to see a list of items with current prices or a report to see which patients received which items during a particular timeframe. In addition, learn which reports to run to view quantity on hand and inventory cost, and more.

End of period

Learn how to run a Cornerstone report with number of invoices and sales per staff, for the day or month. Run a monthly accounts receivable and a report of clients who had the most sales throughout the year.

Customized reporting

Create custom reports using the client and patient Report Builder. Common reports built include patients that have been invoiced for a specific items, but not others and clients that have not been active within a specific timeframe.

Performance Tracker

Use the Performance Tracker to compare data from two different tracking periods. Reporting data includes sales by patient species, breed, and age; sales by doctor, patients with missing reminders and overdue reminders, and more. Defaults must be set and at least two end of months must be run before using the Performance Tracker

Compliance Assessment Tool

The compliance Assessment Tool allows you to setup protocols based on recommended care and search for patients to see if they have received the recommended services based on species, breed, age, weight or diagnosis.

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Reporting Collection

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