Reporting Collection

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Find the reporting information you need now or become a reports expert with our collection of report resources.

Cornerstone reports quick reference library

Quick reference guides provide the basics of reporting in a printable pdf.

Use these guides to learn how to navigate the report window and get a list of what reports to run for specific situations and links on how to create them.

End of period

Learn how to run a Cornerstone report with number of invoices and sales per staff, for the day or month. Run a monthly accounts receivable and a report of clients who had the most sales throughout the year.


Run a report to get a list of past due reminders or a list of callbacks by day, staff and/or item.

Invoice items

Run a report by classification or class ID to see a list of items with current prices or a report to see a list of items sold during a particular timeframe.

Videos and articles

Get the Cornerstone information you need quickly with a video or knowledgebase article.


Learn the definitions for common terms used for Cornerstone reporting.

Search, preview, print, and save

Customized reporting

End of period

Become a reports expert

Earn 2.5 CE credits and become a Cornerstone reports expert. After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Determine your reporting goals to define your report criteria.
  • Explain what sort options and filters are and use them to run report.
  • Recognize frequently used reports and match the reports to the scenario to use them in.
  • Compare common reports and explain their differences.
  • Choose the best report that fits the report goals.
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Reporting Collection

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