Report snapshots

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A snapshot is a quick picture of your practice’s activity using data from end-of-month processing periods and graphs the information.

Before you start

  • Setup security
    • Snapshot
  • Other requirements
    • At least one end of month run

Create and view snapshot graphs

Navigate to Reports > Snapshot.

  1. The last used/selected report group and time period(s) display.
  2. Click Options to change the report.
  3. Select a report group from the Group dropdown. Available report groups include practice, species or staff.
    • For species and staff, enter the ID or F2 to search/select from the associated list.
  4. Select the specific report from the Graph dropdown.
  5. Select the monthly period(s) to include. Select consecutive periods using the Shift key. Each selected monthly period will display as its own data point on the graph.
  6. Choose display options:
    • Select the graph format from the Type dropdown.
    • Select or clear options for:
      • Gridlines: View or hide gridlines on the graph.
      • Print in Color: You do not have to clear the Print in Color check box, if you are using a single-color printer.
      • Display Details: Include or hide popup box displaying the end of month closing date and the numerical value when hovering mouse over graph.
  7. Click OK to create and view the graph.
  8. From the graph view, you can do any of the following:
    • Adjust the graph type
    • Print the graph to your default printer
    • Change report options

List of snapshot graphs

There are three categories of snapshot graphs and several data viewing options within each.




Graph types

There are three types of graphs. Learn the differences in how the data is displayed to determine which type is best for the situation.

Bar graphs and column graphs

Line graphs

Additional information

Reports snapshot

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Report snapshots

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