Report language defaults

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Set the report language to set the language that prints for specific types of client documents.

Before you start

  • Security setup
    • Defaults – Practice

Set up report language defaults

The Report Language defaults allow you to set the language and customize specific headings that print on the following types of client documents:

Navigate to Defaults > Practice and Workstation > Report Language.

  1. Select the language (English, Spanish or French) to print the heading elements set in the Report Language defaults.
  2. To change the text that appears for a specific item, click the text in the right column and type the new text. Example: Instead of printing “Expire date” you may want to print “Expiration Date.”
    Tip: Click New to clear the entire right column and enter new text for each heading.
  3. Select Set as the default language, if you want this language text to display in the client documents.
  4. Click Apply to save your changes and continue setting defaults, or click OK to save your changes and close the window.
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Report language defaults

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