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When sending patient reminders from Cornerstone, print options for reminder messages, postcard alignment and bulk rate postage can be set up and applied to postcard templates. 

Before you start

  • Reminder – Bulk Rate Permit Setup
  • Reminder Alignment
  • Reminder Message Setup



  • While message fields have a limit of 60 characters/spaces, shorter messages are recommended to avoid truncation when used with longer patient names and which card template is used. See additional notes for more details.

Set up bulk rate for reminders

Navigate to Activities > Reminder Selection > Reminder Print Options > Reminder Bulk Rate Permit Setup.

  1. Click Permit # and add your permit number.
  2. Click City, State line and overtype with your city and state.
  3. Click on other lines, as needed, to modify information, such as service level. Example: presorted, standard.
  4. Click OK.

If needed, click Reset to discard any changes and restore the window to the standard bulk rate wording.

Set up reminder messages

Set up messages to print on your reminder cards. A message can be easily selected each time you generate reminders, so the message matches the reason for the reminder.
Example: First reminders, final reminders.

Navigate to Activities > Reminder Selection > Reminder Print Options > Reminder Message Setup.

  1. Do one of the following on the Reminder Message window:
    • Click New
    • Select a message and click Update.
  2. Enter or modify a description for this message in the Message title field and press the Tab key.
    • This title does not display on reminders.
    • There is a 40 character/space limit.
  3. Modify the Patient message line that prints on the reminder card, if needed, and press the Tab key.
    • By default, A reminder that [name] is due for:, is provided for you.
    • To include a patient name bookmark in custom text, enclose name in brackets, e.g., [name].
  4. Enter a Past due message line that will print on the reminder card preceding overdue reminders and press the Tab key.
    • This line only prints if past due reminders are found and included on a patient’s reminder card.
    • If this message is not entered, past due reminders are included with reminders that are currently due for the selected date range.
  5. Enter the text for your message that prints on the reminder card and press the Tab key, per line.
    • Messages are limited to four lines of 60 characters each. See additional notes for details.
  6. Click Default message to have this message preselected for your reminders. You can change to a different message at the time of generating reminders.
  7. Click OK.

Repeat steps as needed for additional messages.

Note: A maximum of 60 characters/spaces are permitted for Patient message and Past due message. However, less than 40 is recommended to avoid truncation with longer patient names. See additional notes for details.

Tip: Align messages with your reminder strategy (ex: 1st, 2nd, final reminders) and client marketing programs. Examples: 1st, 2nd, final reminders; senior wellness or dental initiatives

Editing Cornerstone Reminder Cards 

f your practice wants to print reminder cards in Cornerstone, check the alignment on the reminder card templates.  

Navigate to Activities > Reminder Selection > Reminder Print Options > select one of the Card Reminder Alignment options: two, three or four) 

  1. The Reminder Alignment window displays.  
  2. Click a box and use the arrow keys to change the position of the information on the reminder cards. Note: If you change the alignment of pet picture boxes, we recommend that you test the alignment before printing all of your reminders 
  3. Click Test page to check the alignment. 
  4. Click Reset to restore the original reminder alignment, if needed. 
  5. Click OK to save changes. 

Repeat steps for the other reminder card alignments. 

Editing reminder templates

Reminder templates for printing postcards directly from Cornerstone are hardcoded and use information setup in practice information. They require no further setup, other than creating reminder messages and any alignment adjustments, as noted above.

Reminder templates are also provided in the cstone folder to merge with the Word file from generating reminders if printing or emailing reminders from Word. You will want to edit them with your practice information prior to use.
Note: Steps may vary slightly depending on your version of Microsoft Word. 

  1. Open Microsoft Word. Select File > Open > Browse.  
  2. Navigate to the Cstone folder, which is usually located on the C: drive. 
  3. Locate and select the reminder template to edit:
  4. Click Open or double-click the template to open it in Word.  
  5. Update information as needed, such as Practice name, Address, and the included message.  
  6. Click the Save icon in the top left corner or select File > Save.  
  7. Close the document.  

You are now ready to use the template and can print or email reminders using Word. 

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