Referral relationship management overview

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Referral Relationship Management offers specialists a comprehensive solution for managing relationships with referring veterinarians (RDVMs). With these referral management features, specialists and their staff can easily monitor activity relating to RDVMs and their patients.

Before you start


Set up overview

General setup

rVetLink setup

If your practice subscribes to rVetlink, the following must be set up before use.

  • Validate your account.
  • Review practice default refresh settings.
  • Set staff toolbar defaults.
  • Set staff security.
  • To enhance patient-information matching, ensure the rVetLink portal is set up to exactly match descriptions from the following patient lists in Cornerstone:

Usage Overview

Referral relationship management within Cornerstone provides the ability to do the following in Cornerstone. For detailed information see Using referral relationship management.

  • Identify patients/clients referred by a particular RDVM.
  • Identify RDVMs associated with a particular patient.
  • Identify RDVMs associated with a particular hospital.
  • Quickly access notes about an RDVM’s education, interests, first referral date, etc.
  • Document and view RDVM/hospital communication preferences.
  • View RDVM and hospital communication preferences from the Patient Clipboard window.
  • Search for RDVMs/hospitals using common filters including name, city, phone, or fax number.

Workflow overview

  1. Create a record for the client and patient.
    • If you subscribe to rVetLink, you can do this in the Referral Request Details window.
  2. Assign a referring hospital and/or doctor to the patient.
  3. After providing the needed care to the patient, use a referral letter template to record medical history.
  4. Send the letter to the referring hospital and/or doctor using the method you set up in the hospital/doctor record.
  5. The referral letter can be saved in the patient’s history, and all referrals for this patient will appear in the record as historical data.

Related reports

These Cornerstone reports provide information from the actions outlined in this article. Each report has its own security access under the Reports tab of the Security Setup window.

  • Referral Doctor Master Report
  • Referral Hospital Master Report
  • Referral summary reports
  • Referral revenue reports


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Referral relationship management overview

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