Printing: General settings and printer assignments

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Learn about Cornerstone printing capabilities. Designate documents, reports, prescription labels, and other items to print to specific printers. Assigning printers is performed at each workstation, including the Windows operating system default printer.

Before you start

  • Printers set up on your network
  • Security access to printer assignment

General printing

  1. Click the Print button in a dialog box. Based on what is being printed from Cornerstone, print options (printer, copies, etc.) may be available.
  2. When available, make any necessary changes needed in the Cornerstone Print Options window such as copies, page range, printer selection.

Set a workstation default printer

  1. To set a workstation default printer, type printer in Windows search box and open the printer settings window.
  2. Select your preferred printer from the list and click Manage.
  3. Select Set as default.

Cornerstone printer assignments

  1. On the File menu, select Printer Assignment and then select one of the following categories:
    • End of Day: End of day reports
    • End of Month: End of month reports
    • End of Year: End of year reports
    • General Reports: all other reports, estimates, invoices, lab requests, classic medical notes, prescription labels, rabies certificates, reminders.
    • Correspondence: All correspondence and medical note documents.
  2. Select the desired printer and then select or deselect additional items to be printed to that printer.
    • Use Select All or Deselect All to include or remove all items in a particular assignment category.
    • Use Shift + click or Ctrl + click to select multiple sequential or non-sequential items.
  3. Click OK. Repeat for each printer and printing category.
  4. Repeat all above steps for each workstation on your network.

Additional information

General Printing

Default Printers

Printer Assignments

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Printing: General settings and printer assignments

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