Print or email reminders using Microsoft word

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After creating your Word file from generating reminders, merge into the provided reminder template to print or email reminders.

Before you start

  • Generate Reminders



  • To e-mail reminders, MS Outlook/Express physically must be installed on the computer you send reminders from.  It can’t be a web-based version of the email. 
  • Your Internet service provider may have potential restrictions to the number of emails sent to prevent spamming.
  • Your printer is busy until it has completed this print job.
    • Do not exit word while reminders are running or the print job will be canceled.
    • If you attempt to exit Word, a warning display to notify you that a print job will be canceled if you exit. 
  • Outlook must be open and signed into on the workstation that is performing the mail merge and emailing reminders.

Merging reminders files with word templates

Printing or emailing reminders with Word uses data from a Cornerstone generated file that is merged into a provided Microsoft Word document. Reminder templates are included in the Cornerstone programs folder.

  1. Generate reminders and create a Word file as your reminder type, noting the file name a file location.
  2. Search ‘reminder’ or ‘laser’ using Windows® search and then open the appropriate reminder template. 
  3. In Microsoft Word, if any prompts for an SQL command or macros display, click Yes.  
  4. From this point, steps will vary based on your version of Microsoft Word.
    • Start with the Mail Merge Wizard and follow the steps provided on screen.
    • For any questions on merging, use the Help menu within Microsoft word.

Additional information


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These Cornerstone reports provide information from the actions outlined in this article. Each report has its own security access under the Reports tab of the Security Setup window. 

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  • Reminder Letter report 
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Print or email reminders using Microsoft word

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