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Create mailing labels from Cornerstone using either of the two methods available: 

  • Print labels directly from a custom client and patient report (Avery 5160 equivalent). 
  • Create a txt or csv file from a report with client address data, such as the Mailing Labels report, and merging the file into a Word* document (or Cornerstone document template set up for labels). 

Before you start




  • Make sure that the correct printer has been set up for labels before printing. Mailing labels print to the printer set up as the default printer on your computer. 

Create labels using report builder

Navigate to Reports > Client and Patient Report Builder.

  1. Do any of the following:
    • Create and run a new report
    • Update and run an existing report
    • Run an existing report
  2. Click Labels on the report preview. The labels are formatted for Avery 5160 equivalent 1 inch x 2 5/8 inches.
  3. Make any needed changes in the Print Options window and click OK.

Create a label file from a report

The Mailing Labels report is designed to quickly produce a file that can be used to print address labels from Word or with a Cornerstone document template.
Note: If using a Cornerstone mailing labels document to merge the file with, the file format must be CSV.

Navigate to Reports > Find a report > expand Client group > Mailing Labels.

  1. Select which Sort order you prefer.
  2. Add any additional ranges, as needed.
    Note: active client and patient status is preselected for you. To remove a range row, press Ctrl + D.
  3. Use AND/OR statements when more than one range is used:
    • To have data match both ranges, use AND.
    • To have date match either range, use OR.
  4. Click Save As.
  5. Choose a file location and enter a file name.
  6. Select the appropriate file format. Examples: TXT, XLS, CSV, etc.
  7. Click Save.


  • A specific file name or location is not required, however the file name should match the prior file name used if printing labels with a Cornerstone document that is associated with the file.
  • The save as location defaults to either the last used location or the cstone folder.

Additional reports with client addresses

If additional criteria is needed to refine included clients, these additional reports are used frequently and can also be saved to file using similar steps:

  • Client Master or Client/Patient Master reports
  • New Client report
  • Client Referral report
  • High/Low Client Sales
  • Accounts Receivable report

Printing mailing labels from Microsoft Word

Printing labels with Word uses data from a Cornerstone generated file that is merged into a provided Microsoft Word document. Mailing label templates are included in the Cornerstone programs folder.

  1. Search ‘mailing labels’ using Windows® search and then open the appropriate mailing label template. 
  2. In Microsoft Word, if any prompts for macros appear, click Yes.  
  3. From this point, steps will vary based on your version of Microsoft Word.
    • Start with the Mail Merge Wizard and follow the steps provided on screen.
    • For any questions on merging, use the Help menu within Microsoft word.

Printing mailing labels using a Cornerstone document template

Navigate to Toolbar > Correspondence.  

  1. In the Start New Document window, click Merge from file
  2. Click Browse and navigate to the location you saved the csv file that you created previously.  
  3. Click Open. The file name will display in the Start New Document window. 
  4. Use the options in the Find Template area to locate and select the needed document.  
  5. Click OK.  
  6. In the window displaying the document’s bookmarks and the csv data, link and select information as follows: 
    • If the file was merged with this document before, Cornerstone will remember which file columns and bookmarks are linked. See below for Associate file with document setting. 
    • If this is a new merge: 
      • Link the data from your file (Red column headers in the File records area) to the appropriate bookmark in the document:
        • Select the data from the File columns drop-down list.
        • Repeat for each available bookmark.
        • You can select None, if needed. 
      • You will be prompted to apply the file column selection to all similarly named bookmarks. Click Yes or No accordingly. 
        Example: There are 125 clients in the file created. Each of the bookmark descriptions (Name, address, city, etc.) will display 125 times with slightly different descriptions (CITY10, CITY11, etc.). Click Yes to have the file heading of m_city link to every city bookmark at once.
      • Select Associate file with document to remember linked bookmarks and file columns when creating new CSV files with same file name and merged with same document template.
        Example: If the CSV file has the name of ‘mailing labels’, the next time you create a file of that same name and merge it with the mailing label template, it will automatically match the file columns to the bookmark description.
      • In the File records area, clear any data rows to exclude as needed. Ex: duplicate Client IDs. 
  7. Based on your document type, do one of the following: 
    • Print Only: Skip to the next step.
    • Correspondence: Enter the document description, staff information and patient column information. This is used to store the document in each patient’s history.  
  8. Click OK when you are ready to print a test page.
    • If any bookmarks/file columns are not linked, you are prompted with a message to continue linking data.
    • Click Cancel or continue as is.
  9. After the test page prints, do one of the following:
    • Click Yes, if the test page printed successfully and you want to send the entire job to the printer.
    • Click No to adjust your printer settings. 
      • Once your settings are adjusted, click OK in the message to reprint the test page.
      • When the page prints correctly, click Yes to send the job to the printer or continue to click No and make adjustments until the page prints correctly.
      • Click Cancel to exit the window and return to the Start New Document window. Click OK to restart the merge from file and linking of columns and bookmarks or click Close to exit. 

Additional information

Reporting tips

Mailing label report

Working with Word

Related reports

These Cornerstone reports provide information from the actions outlined in this article. Each report has its own security access under the Reports tab of the Security Setup window. 

  • Compliance – Client List (Missing Services) 
  • Compliance – Client List (Future Appointments) 
  • Performance Tracker  
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