Price change reasons

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You can specify whether the prices on invoice items can be changed and whether a reason for the change is required.

Set up reason codes to track why a price was changed. For example, if your practice offers price matching, you might want to set up a code to track this price change reason. 

Before you start




  • Reason codes cannot be changed once created.

Set up price change reasons

Navigate to Controls > Price Change Reasons.

Add a new reason

  1. Click New.
  2. Enter the reason code, up to three alphanumeric characters.
  3. Enter the reason, up to 30 alphanumeric characters/spaces.
  4. Select the status of the code.
  5. Click OK.

Update a reason

  1. Select a reason from the list and click Update.
  2. Modify the reason.
  3. Change the status to inactive, if needed.
  4. Click OK.

Delete a reason

  1. Select a reason from the list.
  2. Click Delete. Click Yes or No to confirm.
  3. If linked to a record, a message displays. Click OK.
  4. If unable to delete, inactivate the reason using update steps.

Additional information


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These Cornerstone reports provide information from the actions outlined in this article. Each report has its own security access under the Reports tab of the Security Setup window.

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Price change reasons

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