Prescription defaults

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Set preferences for creating and printing prescriptions and lab request labels.

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  • These defaults apply to only prescription and lab labels, and do not apply to labels set up in Client Correspondence. 

Set up prescription defaults

Navigate to Controls > Defaults > Practice and Workstation > Prescriptions

Prescription label/lab request label area

  • Print heading: Prints your practice information on prescription and lab request labels.
  • Print staff license: Prints the veterinarian’s staff license on prescription labels.
  • Small font: Uses a smaller font for the text on labels to allow for longer instructions. See additional notes for more information. 
  • Print client addr if controlled substance: Prints the client’s address on prescription labels for controlled substances. This option is only available if Small font selected. 
  • Print NDC/DIN (National Drug Code/Drug Identification Number): Prints drug identification numbers on prescription labels. If not selected, the serial number is used.
    • Drug identification numbers and serial numbers are setup under the Inventory tab of an inventory item. 
  • Print Patient ID: Prints the Patient ID on prescription labels. Only prints if Small font selected. 

Prescription area

  • Warn user when quantity is 1: Displays an alert if a prescription quantity is 1. This is recommended to ensure the correct quantity is entered.  
  • Override expiration date/Maximum number of months: Select and enter the number of months to use as the expiration date on the prescription label.
    • The number of months defaults to 36 and can be changed accordingly. 
    • If not selected, the expiration date from the item’s record will be used. 
    • If selected and prescribed item also has an expiration date, the earliest of the dates will be used.
      Example: override is set to 6 months and the item expires in 5 months. The item date will be used. 
  • Filled by staff required: Requires the Filled by field to be completed on the Prescription Information dialog box before staff are allowed to process a prescription. 
  • Days supply required: Requires the Days Supply field to be completed when creating a prescription for a controlled substance.
  • If applicable, use the printer fields if you are having difficulty with text positioning on pharmacy or lab labels.
    • Enter the local printer name In the Enter printer type 1 description(s) separated by a semi-colon field(;).
      • This is the name assigned to the printer in the Windows setup.
      • If you have more than one printer of the same printer model that is used, enter the share names for each printer, separated by a semicolon.
    • Enter the number of units to lower the text in the Lower label text down field to adjust text positioning on labels.
      • Approximately 50 units equals 1 line. It is best to adjust in increments of 10, starting with 10 units.
      • If you have more than one printer type that needs adjusting, repeat the above steps in the Enter printer type 2 description(s) separated by a semi-colon field(;) and corresponding Lower label text down fields.

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Prescription defaults

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