Petly Plans Integration and Discount Details

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With integrated Petly Plans with Cornerstone, a button for the Petly Plans widget is added to the Patient Clipboard, Estimate, Patient Visit List, and Invoice windows. Use the widget to see the patient’s plan status, view available items, and even enroll patients.

Before you start



  • All patients will be listed with a status of Not Enrolled until the integration is activated.

How plan status integration works

Upon activation, a patient’s Petly Plans status is displayed with a color-coded paw print icon on the following windows:

  • Patient Clipboard: Patient Information tab
  • Estimate
  • Patient Visit List
  • Invoice

Hovering over or clicking the icon displays information or opens related windows based on the plan’s status. The information is provided from Petly and represents cached information from the previous night’s data, with updates based on posted invoice information and changes to client and patient information.

Patient StatusHover text*Petly Plan status optionsUpon clicking
Plan name, such as Canine Gold In progress
Opens Plan Details window so you can view available items and quantities. Cached data is updated nightly.
Opens Plan Details window so you can view available items and quantities (cached data updated nightly) Planned
On hold
Opens Petly Client Summary page so you can review and update information to reactivate plan.**
You may be required to log in first.
Enroll patient in a Petly Plans Not enrolledAdd plan page to enroll the selected patient.** 
Petly login page may appear first, requiring log in prior to opening the Add Plan page.
Refresh to update plan status Unknown Refreshes status 

* Plan names (based on clinic setup) are displayed for active or inactive patients.

** Enrolling a patient or updating an inactive plan to active will change the patient plan status to Active. To see the updated status, leave the Petly site and then right-click in the Cornerstone window and select Refresh.

How automatic discounting integration works

Activating Petly Plans creates a Petly Plans 100% Discount. Setting Petly Plans discounting defaults will automate the application of the discount when billing patients with a Petly Plan.

Plan items are entered on an Estimate, Patient Visit List, or Invoice. You can view available items and quantities by clicking the Active plan icon.

  1. Click the Petly Discount button. The patient’s plan status is verified, available items and available quantities are evaluated.
    • If the request meets the criteria (available items and quantities), the discount is applied.
    • These discounts will display as a paw print icon in the Disc column of these windows, as well as print on the invoice or estimate.*
  2. If the request does not meet the criteria, the Petly Plans discount is not applied. (paw print will not be displayed in the Disc column).
    • In this case, you should remove the plan item and use the equivalent nonplan item instead.
    • You can manually apply any other discount, if applicable, by clicking the box in the Disc column for the line item(s).

If plan items are available but exceed the requested quantity (ex: two doses of flea medication are added when only one is available), a warning is displayed. Follow these recommended steps to reconcile:

  1. Click the patient’s plan details to determine the available quantity for the item.
  2. Change the quantity of the plan item to a quantity that is available.
  3. Add another line item(s) for the corresponding nonplan service equivalent(s) and use the differing quantity.
  4. If other discounts are applicable to these nonplan items, add them manually by clicking the box under the Disc column for each applicable line item.
  5. Reapply Petly discounts to plan items by clicking the Petly Discount button.

When posting an invoice, there is a final check for the availability of any plan items present. Discounts are applied or removed accordingly.

  1. A message notifies you if any changes were made. You can:
    • Click Yes to view the changed.
    • Click No to proceed with posting the invoice.
  2. In the event an item is available, but the quantity on the invoice exceeds what is available, you will be required to reconcile before posting the invoice. See above, for details.

*Based on Petly Plans discount default settings, previously applied Petly Plans discounts may not transfer from a finalized estimate to the Patient Visit List or from the Patient Visit List to the invoice. You can click the Petly Discount button at any time to check for and apply the Petly Plans discount to available plan items.

How Petly Plan discounts work with other discounts

Once the Petly Plans discount is applied to available plan items (WP codes), additional discounts are not permitted, and are removed, if present. The Petly Plans discount cannot be selected or deselected from the Disc column.

  • Other preset discounts attached to plan items (not recommended) that are linked to a client will apply to the item until the Petly Plans discount is applied. At that point, the other discounts are not permitted, and only the Petly Plans discount applies.
  • If a Petly Plans discount does not apply to an item, any other preset discounts are retained.
  • If a Petly Plans discount is applied and then removed from an item, the other preset discounts are not reapplied. Example: Plan items on an older estimate that is finalized, but items no longer available.

Petly Integration and Discounting FAQ’s

I forgot to click the Petly Discount button on the Patient Visit List and I did not receive a notice.

If available plan items are added, and the entered quantity is also available, notice will occur only after you click Post on the invoice.

  • You are notified if any changes were made and asked if you want to review the changes.
  • Click Yes to review the applied (or removed) Petly Plans discount(s).
    • Do this by looking for the paw print icon in the Disc column for each eligible plan item.
    • Click Post.

Note: If a plan item price is already $0 pre-discount, the Petly Plans discount will not be applied. The item will not display with a paw print icon on the invoice.

I enrolled a patient, but the plan status is still showing as Not Enrolled  

I have saved invoices set to close at End of Month. Will Petly Plans discounts be automatically applied?

I voided an invoice that had plan items, and I’m not seeing the voided items as available on the patient’s plan details page.  

How often is the patient information in Cornerstone brought into Petly to update plan status and available items/quantities?  

If I copy items from one patient with discounted plan items to another patient on the invoice, will the discounts on the second pet be retained?

My practice uses co-pays, which are set up as a plan item but should not be discounted 100%. How do I manage these?

A patient is present now and needing services that a renewed plan will cover. The current plan is still considered active and scheduled to complete at the end of the month. What should I do?

A patient had an active plan but canceled it a few months ago. The owner now wants to reactivate it to receive services today. What should I do?

Some plan items are subject to sales tax at time of sale. Since plan items are discounted automatically 100%, how do I include the tax on the invoice?

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