Petly Plans default settings

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Petly Plans integration with Cornerstone not only checks that billed items are available on the patient’s preventive care plan, it also applies plan discounts if the items and requested quantities are available. 

Before you start




  • Remove any manually created and applied plan discounts before using Petly Plan discounting.

Set up Petly Plans defaults

Navigate to Controls > Defaults > Practice and Workstation > Petly Plans.

  • Petly Plans Automatic Discounting area: Enable or disable the discounting feature.
  • Remove/retain Petly Plans discounts upon transfer: Select to retain or remove applied Petly Plans discounts when items transfer from an estimate to the Patient Visit List (PVL) or PVL to invoice.
  • Click Apply to save your changes and continue setting defaults or click OK to save your changes and close the window.

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Petly Plans default settings

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