Patient defaults

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Use patient defaults to save time when setting up new patients to include selections you use most frequently, like patient classification and species, or preferences like reminder entry format.

Before you start


Controls > Defaults > Practice and Workstation > Patient

  • In the Patient information area, set the following options as needed for your practice:
    • Patient ID: Type the beginning patient ID number to use when Auto assign is selected.
    • Auto assign: Automatically generates sequential ID numbers when setting up new patients.
    • Recently accessed patients: Enter the number of recently accessed patients you want Cornerstone to remember, up to 20. The recent patients appear first when you access the client drop-down field.
    • Classification: Select the most commonly used patient classification.
    • Species: Select the species ID that applies to most of your new patients.
    • Staff ID for notes/Dx: Type or press F2 to search and select the staff ID of the staff member most likely to be entering patient notes, diagnostic codes and PVLs. This is only recommended for single practitioner practices.
    • Quick Patient Label: Type or press F2 to search and select the document ID of a label or document to ask to be printed automatically each time you add a new patient or from the Print Label button on the Patient Information window.
    • Use most recent patient: Displays the patient whose record was last opened. This applies to individual workstations.
    • Show trainer and barn: This gives you the ability to designate clients as trainers or barns, and associate patients to trainers and/or barns.
  • In the Patient list area, set the following options as needed for your practice:
    • Display breed: Adds a breed column to the Patient List window.
    • Display owner name: Displays owner names in alphabetical order in the Patient List window versus the Client ID.
  • In the Patient Clipboard/Patient File area, select Hide Whiteboard Notes to hide Whiteboard notes by default on the Patient Clipboard and the Patient File windows.
  • In the Patient reminders area, set the following date options when manually entering letter or call back reminders:
    • No date will default to 00/00/0000.
    • Current Date will use today’s date.
    • Previous line date will copy the date from the preceding line.
  • Click Apply to save your changes and continue setting defaults or click OK to save your changes and close the window.

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Patient defaults

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