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Subscribers to Cornerstone Payments integrated card processing can opt to enroll in Online Payments, which can send a payment request via email or text as part of your established invoicing and payment workflows. Once a payment is made and processed, it appears in your client’s account history automatically with a payment type of Online Card Payment. It also appears on deposit reports and payment registers accordingly.

Before you start

  • An approved integrated provider payment account with Online Payments activated
  • Security credentials appropriate for client account payments for the logged in use
  • Client email address or phone number (can be entered when you send the request)


  • This applies to US practices only
  • Not compatible with xCharge payment software

Send a request

  1. Navigate to the Online Payment Request window through either:
    • Post Invoice window > Pay Online checkbox
    • Client Account Window > Pay Online button
    • Patient Clipboard Account Information tab > right-click > Pay Online
  2. View, modify, or enter the requested payment amount.
    • The value defaults to the current debit or invoice balance.
    • If there is an active payment request, the current requested amount will be displayed instead.
    • Zero, negative, or amounts outside the displayed minimum/maximum range are not allowed.
  3. In the Staff drop-down list, select the last name of the person sending the request. To search by other names, double-click in the field.
  4. Select Email or Text. You can use only one method per request.
  5. Update or modify the email address or text number, if needed. Only one address or phone number can be used per request.
  6. For email requests, update any messaging, if needed.
  7. Review or remove the attached invoice, if needed.
    • The invoice is attached automatically if you began the payment request from the invoicing workflow.
    • You cannot add other attachments.
    • Attachments are only sent with text requests based on the configured vendor.
  8. Click Request.

Resend, modify, or cancel a request

From the Online Payment Request window:

  1. Update the payment amount and any other information as needed.
  2. Click Request or Deactivate.
  3. The prior request will be deactivated, and a new request will be sent, and any original attachments will also be sent, based on the configured vendor.

View request details and status

  1. Pathways to viewing requests:
    • Client Account Information tab of the Patient Clipboard > right-click and select Pay Online
    • Client Account window > Pay Online button
  2. View request details and status in the window.
  3. Click the Status button to see processing status. If status is Failed, an error is displayed but the request remains active.

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