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Learn about using Online Payment Request Log to review the status of all online payment requests and other frequently used actions and keywords in Online Payments.

Before you start

  • Enrollment in Online payments is required to access the log.


From the Payment request log, the following can be done:

  • View all payment requests made during a specified date range.
  • View log-level details per request, including date/time sent, request and communication statuses, client, amount of request, email or text number used, request expiration date, and staff associated with the request.
  • View request-level details including subject and message, deactivation reason, Order ID, and attachments by clicking the caret to expand the request row.
  • Access action buttons View, Status, History, and Process from an expanded request row.
  • For practices with Multi-location/Single Database (MLSD) configuration, practice will also be available in the log.

Navigating the window

  1. Activities > Online Payment Request Log
  2. Sort the log by clicking on a column header. An arrow marks the column and indicates ascending or descending sort order.
  3. Filter the log by request or communication status.
  4. Search for requests by client, destination, or staff, and adjust the number of results per page.
  5. Select the Hide paid requests and Hide errors checkboxes to display only active requests.
  6. Export the information to a CSV file that can be opened in and printed from another software program.
  7. Use the Clear all filters button to display the window’s default filter and sort display, or use Refresh to reload the log data, maintaining any filters or sort selections.
  8. Use the column right-click menu to configure and clear sort order and selections, choose columns to display, and group and auto fit to the log window.

Log function steps

Print Log

  1. Set the log window to display the desired criteria like date range, practice, or hide options.
  2. Click Export to .csv.
  3. Save the file and print from the program used to access the saved file.

View request details

  1. Select and expand the desired row.
  2. Click View to open the Online Payment Request window to review details. Click Close to return to the log.
  3. Click History to view all rows related to a request, like deactivated requests from resending.
  4. Click Status to check payment status directly with the vendor and immediately process any pending payments.

Resend or modify a request

  1. Select and expand the desired row.
  2. Click View to open the Online Payment Request window.
  3. Make any necessary changes and click Request.
    Note: The original request is deactivated, and a new link is sent with any original attachments. This is based on the configured vendor.

Cancel a request

  1. Select and expand the desired row.
  2. Click View to open the Online Payment Request window.
  3. Click Deactivate.

Process a payment

  1. Select and expand the desired row with a Request status of Processing error.
  2. Click Process to complete payment processing.

Request status definitions

  • Request sent: Request has been made and emailed or texted to the client.
  • Request resent: Request has been remade with a new order ID. Resending deactivates the original request.
  • Paid online: The client’s payment has been posted to their account.
  • Additional payment: More than one payment was made using the same request link. Treat it as a payment on account and address accordingly to accept or void.
  • Deactivated: The client paid the requested amount, the original request was resent, or the request was manually deactivated or expired.
  • Processing error: The system was busy longer than the retry logic, and so the payment process was unable to complete. Click Process to complete payment processing. This may happen when an EOP is being processed.
  • Payment processing: The system is busy completing payment processing, for example, EOP processing.

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