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Whether you are a new user to Cornerstone, adding a new team member, or just need a refresher, this collection has everything you need to get up and running quickly.

Cornerstone Quick Reference Guide Library

Quick reference guides provide all the steps you need to complete everyday tasks within Cornerstone. They’re a great addition to every practice’s notes for new team members.

Use these guides to learn how to login, leverage common keyboard shortcuts, and identify toolbar icons. The Patient Clipboard and Daily Planner guides will help you get the most out of these key foundational windows and on your way to efficient and productive workflows.

Front desk, client support, and reception

These guides provide the basics on navigating the Appointment Scheduler, checking-in patients, printing rabies and vaccine certificates, updating client and patient information and invoicing within Cornerstone.

Veterinarian, technician, and medical team

Use these guides for quick assistance on creating prescriptions or medical notes for a patient, inserting vitals signs, diagnosis and problems within a medical note.

Check-out and invoicing

Quickly get the details you need on creating estimates, managing the Patient Visit list, invoicing and making payments in Cornerstone.

Administration, practice manager, practice owner

Use this guide to set up defaults in your Cornerstone system, learn which security settings applies to which Cornerstone function, and how to set security and change passwords for staff.

Check out our Professional Services catalog for courses on practice manager training, workflow analysis, going chartless and other course offerings!

New Cornerstone training

Click a video link below to watch an expert walk you through the steps and share their top tips. When you’re ready to learn more about an end-to-end patient visit and test your knowledge, launch the IDEXX Learning Center course.

Ready for the full course?

Whether you are just starting out with Cornerstone or need to build your foundational skills, this interactive course will guide you through a patient visit, boost your confidence, and prepare you for success.


Browse the glossary for the definitions of the terminology and features used in Cornerstone.

Onboarding & training new team members

Set up a new staff in Cornerstone

  • Create staff: Lists > Staff
  • Assign Security Permission and create staff password: File > Security Setup
  • Create cashier ID and password: Lists > Cashier ID
  • Setup a room for the Appointment Scheduler: Lists > Rooms

Employee onboarding guide

The employee onboarding guide includes:

  • How to set up a new employee in Cornerstone.
  • Links to multiple learning journeys that can be assigned based on role.
  • Activities that walk through the basics and test their knowledge.
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