Manually enter lab results

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Learn how to manually enter lab results for tests set to a laboratory that is not integrated with your Cornerstone software, or if you have in-house results not generated by an analyzer, Example: Fecal smear or glucometer result.

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Manually enter lab results

Navigate to Patient Clipboard > right-click patient > Lab > Manually Enter Results.

  1. Enter values into the Lab, Staff, and Date/Time fields.
  2. Select the template for the result you want to enter.
  3. In the Operator column, select the appropriate symbol. Example: = (equals), < (less than), or > (greater than).
  4. In the Value column, type the test result value. If default values have been set up, some fields are automatically populated as you enter results.
  5. Click Comments to enter any additional text about the results.
  6. When finished, click OK to store the result and mark the record as posted.

The results will display in the patient’s medical history and can be viewed in the Lab tab of the Patient Clipboard or the Diagnostics tab of the Daily Planner.


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Manually enter lab results

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