Managing image requests

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Learn how to capture images with IDEXX-PACS, bill for images not requested, cancel requests, and manually set requests to a status of completed.

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Capture overview

IDEXX-PACS Imaging Software is installed as a separate, standalone program on your radiology workstation.

Under normal circumstances (non-emergency, ect.), start all image requests using Cornerstone software. The Cornerstone software will send image requests automatically to the IDEXX-PACS software and send charges to the Patient Visit List.

Use the IDEXX-PACS software, or other integrated imaging software, for capturing digital radiographs and other diagnostic digital images, and for tasks related to diagnostic radiographs and images, including:

  • Comparing diagnostic images to each other or to images you import into the software
  • Sharing images by patient CD, email, DICOM send, and telemedicine
  • Reassigning diagnostic images to a different patient or client
  • Using DICOM features (DICOM send, import, query/retrieve)
  • Using telemedicine features to submit diagnostic images, track case status, and receive reports

Use Cornerstone software for all other tasks, including:

  • Working with nondiagnostic images, such as JPEG images.
  • Launching diagnostic imaging software to request or view images
  • Client invoicing

Capture images with IDEXX-PACS

  1. Start the IDEXX-PACS software on your capture computer.
  2. Locate the patient in the IDEXX-PACS software using any of the following:
    • Select the image request from the Pending List.
    • Select the checked-in patient from the Census list.
    • Use the search box to search for the patient record, and then click on the Patient Card.
  3. Select shots and then capture the image(s).
  4. If there was no image request from Cornerstone, follow the instructions in Billing for Not Requested images to assign the images to the patient’s medical record and bill appropriately.
  5. The status of all image requests can be viewed from the Image Requests and Results window.

Cancel image requests

Only image requests with a status of Requested can be canceled.

Navigate to Toolbar > Image Requests and Results

  1. Select the image request you want to cancel.
  2. Click Delete.
  3. Click Yes to confirm and delete the request.

    Note: A message will be displayed if charges cannot be updated. Verify the client has been charged correctly.

Billing for not requested images

Images without image requests are given a Not Requested status. Because no electronic image requests exist, no charges for the captured images are placed on the Patient Visit List to be invoiced.

Use the following steps to resolve charges for images that are not requested.

Navigate to Toolbar > Image Requests and Results

  1. Select the Not Requested image line. Double-click or right-click on the line and select Update.
  2. Click View Image to look at the image and determine if it needs to be billed for.
    • The image will open in IDEXX-PACS or IDEXX Web PACS software.
    • Navigate back to Cornerstone to continue.
      Note: If this image is not on the correct patient, use the IDEXX-PACS or IDEXX Web PACS software to reassign studies to the correct patient and resolve billing. Refer to the online help in either program for instructions.
  3. Select Do not bill this client, if billing is not needed. Click OK.
  4. Select Bill this client to bill the client for the not requested image.
  5. In the Item ID field, press F2 to search for and select the item from the Invoice Item List.
  6. Enter the applicable revenue center or press F2 to select it from the Revenue Center List.
  7. Click OK. Applicable charges are placed on the Patient Visit List, and the image request status is changed to Completed.

Manually set requests to completed status

If Cornerstone is integrated with an imaging device that does not support Modality Performed Procedure Step (MPPS), Cornerstone will not receive information about the status of requests sent to that device. Because of this, the status for all requests will continue to display as Requested even after the image has been captured. Use the procedure below to manually set the status to Complete so the list on the Image Requests and Results window can be filtered for which requests are complete.

Navigate to Toolbar > Image Requests and Results

Right-click the request and select Force Complete.

Note: Only pending requests can be set to Complete.

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Managing image requests

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