Locate, print and email estimates

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Access provided estimates to update, print or email a saved estimate or view, reprint or resend a finalized estimate. Electronically signed estimates are saved to the patient’s history.

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  • Estimate defaults determine how long a saved or manually finalized estimate is retained on the Patent Clipboard Estimates tabs. 

Locate estimates

  • Access patient specific estimates from their Estimates tab of the Patient Clipboard: Patient Clipboard > select patient> Estimates tab.
  • Access all estimates provided to your client under the client Estimates tab of the Patient Clipboard: Patient Clipboard > Client’s Estimates tab 
    • Finalized estimates display with an (F).
    • The Signature icon displays next to estimates that have been electronically signed and finalized. 

Select an estimate from either tab to view the following:

  • Create dates and expirations dates
  • The high end amount of the estimate
  • Estimate description

Update, print and email estimates

Double click an existing estimate to open it or right-click in the tab > New.

  • Do one of the following in the Estimate # field:
    • Press Tab to load the selected estimate or start a new estimate if the field is blank.
    • Press F2 to select a different estimate from the Estimate List and press Tab.
    • Press Ctrl + N to start a new estimate. Use this method to create separate estimates for the patient, if needed.

For saved estimates, do any of the following

  1. Add additional items by doing any of the following:
    • Enter the item ID in the next open row or F2/double-click to search and select from the Invoice Item List and press Tab.
    • Click Travel Sheet to select items and click Transfer. Enter the billing Staff ID and click OK. Items added in classification, item ID order regardless of selected order.
  2. Complete any entries/selections for group, pick lists or dispensing items.
  3. Change the order of items appearing on the invoice by highlighting the item ID and use the onscreen arrow buttons to move the item. Group items must be moved as a group.
  4. To remove an item from the estimate, highlight the item ID and press Ctrl + D. To delete an item that is part of a group, click on the Qty, and press Ctrl + D.
  5. Modify item or billing details, as needed. Example: Quantity, pricing, staff, revenue center, discounts, taxes, date
  6. When finished, print or email the estimate. Save changes and modify estimate options or other actions using the any of the buttons: 
    • Click OK to save changes and make any estimate option changes in the Save Estimate window. Example: Modify estimate messages.
      • You can also select print or email from the Save Estimate window. Click OK to complete tasks selected in the Save Estimate window. 
    • Click Cancel to discard changes and return to the Estimates tab. 
    • Click Print to print/preview the estimate. You can print or email the estimate from the preview. You can also modify the number of days to keep unsigned estimates and collect an electronic signature, if using.  
    • Click E-Mail to send the estimate to your client. 
    • Click Finalize if the client is accepting the estimate without electronic signature. Make any needed changes in the Save Estimate window. 
    • Apply Petly Plan discounts to available and eligible items. 

For finalized estimates, click any of the following:

  • Cancel: Return to the Estimates tab.
  • Print: Print the estimate at the designated printer.
  • Preview: View/print the estimate. You can also print and email from the preview.
  • E-Mail: Send the estimate to your client.

Emailing estimates

An estimate can be emailed from a variety of windows in Cornerstone. The available options, depend on the window being accessed.

Option 1: Click Email from Estimate For…, Save Estimate or Print Preview windows.

Note: When clicked from Estimate For…. Window, modify or select a different estimate message from the drop-down list if needed and click Email.

  1. In the Communications window, make any changes as needed to the Staff, subject line, recipients, or message as needed.
    • The client’s email address is populated if entered under Client Information.
    • Any changes on this window do not update the client.
  2. Click Send.
  3. The email is recorded in the patient history as a sent email and also displays under the Client Communications tab of the Patient Clipboard and in the Communication Log.

Option 2: Print, email and finalize from the estimate print preview window.

  1. Create an estimate or open a saved estimate and do either of the following:
    • Click Print, then click Preview.
    • Click OK, then click Preview or Preview/Signature in the Save Estimate window and click OK to open the preview. Display of Preview or Preview/Signature is based on estimate defaults.
  2. In the preview window, do any of the following:
    • Modify the number of days to store the unsigned estimate (up to 999 days) or expiration date for the unsigned estimate. Entry of days or date calculates the other corresponding field.
      Note: Estimates that have not been electronically signed by the client are deleted during End of Day processing after the specified number of days or on the specified date.
    • Select the Finalize estimate check box if the client is accepting the estimate without electronic signature.
    • Click the Save button in the PDF toolbar to save a PDF copy of the estimate to your workstation/network.
    • Click the Printer button in the PDF toolbar to select a printer to print the estimate to.
    • Adjust the zoom to display estimate smaller or larger.
    • Click Print to print the estimate at the designated printer.
    • Click E-Mail to send estimate to your client.
    • Click Signature to collect client signature and finalize estimate. Use of electronic signatures on estimates requires either a touchscreen workstation or connected signature capture device. (Tools > Signature Capture Device) and estimate defaults set for electronic signature.
    • Click Cancel or Close to return to the estimate window.

When you have finished, click X or Cancel or OK to close the Print Preview window. Note: OK will be available when selecting Finalize or electronically signing the estimate. 

Delete an estimate

You can manually delete an estimate that no longer applies to a patient.
Note: You cannot delete an electronically signed. The Signature icon displays next to estimates that have been electronically signed and finalized.

Navigate to Patient Clipboard > right-click patient > Estimate.

  1. Acknowledge any client and patient alerts.
  2. F2 in the Estimate # field to select the estimate from the Estimate List.
  3. Click Delete. Click Yes or No on the confirmation message.
  4. Click Close to exit and return to the Estimate window.
  5. Click Cancel to exit and return to the Patient Clipboard.

Once deleted, the estimate cannot be retrieved.

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