Link laboratory tests with invoice items

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To use two-way integration and to ensure that correct charges are billed to the client for all profiles and tests, you must link your predefined invoice items with the appropriate profiles or tests. 

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An invoice item can only be linked to one profile. Profiles can have multiple invoice items linked to them. See examples below.

Link invoice items to tests

The following steps are applicable to either IDEXX Reference Laboratory or IDEXX in-house diagnostics.

Navigate to Activities > Lab Work > Profiles.

  1. From the Lab drop-down list, select the specific laboratory.
  2. For profiles, uncheck Only profiles that can be requested, so you can see the entire profile list.
  3. Select the test or profile.
    • IDEXX laboratory profiles with -9999 on the end of the test code include the IDEXX CBC (standard CBC).
    • Profiles without the -9999 include the IDEXX CBC Select (Comprehensive CBC).
  4. Click Update.
  5. Favorites List: Checking this box will mark the profile as a favorite. The Favorites list displays when using the request entry workflow for IDEXX in-house diagnostics.
  6. Can be requested: Check this box to ensure the profile/test can be requested when using the request entry workflow for IDEXX in-house diagnostics.
  7. In the Invoice items table, double-click in the ID column to search for the invoice item for the selected test or profile. Click Select to add the item to the test/profile.
    • For IDEXX in-house diagnostics only: If more than one invoice item is available, select the invoice item you want as the default for the auto-billing feature.
  8. Click OK.

Repeat the steps above for each profile. Click Close to exit the Profile List.


  • If you need to work with only a few codes, you can link a profile with an invoice item from the Invoice Item Information screen under the Special Actions tab.
  • For IDEXX Reference Laboratories, an option is available to auto-create and link a billing item when performing a lab request and selecting a new profile.

Additional Information

Link lab tests and invoice items

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Link laboratory tests with invoice items

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