Lab requests and results window

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Learn how to review lab requests and results; post orphans and not requested results, and more.

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  • Until resolved, orphan and not requested results do not appear in patient history.


Navigate to Toolbar > Lab Requests and Results.

  1. Adjust display by doing any of the following:
    • Select/clear the check boxes for Types to include.
    • Select the staff associated with the request or result.
    • Select the practice associated with the request or result. Note: This option is available for Multi-location single database (MLSD) configured practices only.
    • Change the sorting of information by clicking the appropriate column header. Click once to sort in ascending order or click twice to sort in descending order.
    • Click Refresh to update with most recent information.
  2. With a row selected, do any of the following:
    • Right-click on a line item to display a list of available menu options, including Refresh, New, Update, Delete, and Patient Clipboard.
    • Click the lookup button to see the list of requested profiles and tests.
    • Click Update to:
      • Update a pending request
      • Reprint an in-clinic lab request form or label
      • Resolve an orphan or not requested lab result
      • Click Reprint Reg to reprint an IDEXX Reference Lab form or label
  3. Click Close to exit the Lab Requests and Results window.


Review the Lab Requests and Results window daily to ensure there are no lingering pending requests and to reconcile orphan or Not Requested results in a timely manner.

In the case of orphan or Not Requested results, the results will not be posted to the patient record until these are resolved. When reconciling these results, you can opt to bill or not bill the client for the test; if you choose to bill the client. The charge is sent to the Patient Visit List.

Frequent Not Requested and orphan results should be evaluated for work-flow variances and to determine whether a review of lab item setup and/or additional staff training is needed.

For detailed information on orphans, not requested and more regarding the Lab requests and results window, visit the following:

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Lab requests and results window

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