Lab reports and auto-billing log

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The laboratory reports help you manage the laboratory functions of your software. You can choose to preview the reports on screen, save the report information to a file, or print the reports.

The VetLab Station Auto-Billing Log shows all automatically billed results and the invoice items sent to the Patient Visit List for any not requested results.

Before you start



Lab reports

Navigate to Reports > Find a Report > Lab.

  1. Select a report.
  2. Review displayed report content descriptions and report examples to help you choose the report that will work best for your needs.
  3. Run and print report, as needed.

For more information on reports, see Reports: How to search, run and print.

IDEXX Vetlab Station Auto-billing

Navigate to Activities > Lab Work > VetLab Station Auto-Billing Log.

Review the billing log for captured charges from tests run at the IDEXX VetLab station that were not requested using Cornerstone.

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Lab reports and auto-billing log

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