Invoicing FAQs

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Answers to the most common invoicing questions.

Can I void an open (saved) invoice?

 How do I correct a posted invoice? The wrong staff ID was used. 

How do I change the message appearing at the bottom of our invoices? 

Where do I manage the “blue” messages on an invoice?

How do I add the practice logo to display on invoices?

How do I change the practice address that displays on invoices?

A client is tax exempt, and despite a client alert, tax is not consistently removed from their invoice. 

We use revenue centers, and assigned them to doctors in staff defaults. However, the wrong center often displays on invoices and is getting missed. How do I fix this? 

The special action to mark a patient deceased is often missed when invoicing a euthanasia. I don’t see any other option for the special action other than Optional on invoice.  

Is there a setting to limit who can add or remove discounts to an invoice? 

Can an invoice be preselected to email?

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Invoicing FAQs

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