Invoice types

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Learn how to assign invoice types to prevent saved invoices from closing during end-of-month processing. Example: prescription pick up or hospitalization.
There are limited reporting options for invoice types.

Before you start




  • Once an invoice type is used for a client invoice, it cannot be deleted

Setup invoice types

Navigate to Controls > Invoice Types

  1. Click New or Update
  2. Enter/modify a description, up to 30 characters/spaces.  
  3. Clear Close at End of Month to have invoices of this type remain open when End of Month is processed.  
  4. Click OK.  

Delete invoice types

Unused invoice types can be removed by selecting them from the list and clicking Delete and then Yes or No to confirm. 

Additional information


Related reports

These Cornerstone reports provide information from the actions outlined in this article. Each report has its own security access under the Reports tab of the Security Setup window. 

Note: Invoicing information by invoice type is only available when these reports are saved to file

  • Invoice Item Sales Information report 
  • Treatment report 
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Invoice types

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