Inventory reporting

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Learn how to create frequently asked for inventory reports such as which items are tracking quantity on hand, inventory counts, cost on hand and more.


  • Each report outlined in this article has its own security access under the Reports tab of the Security Setup window.

Common inventory reports

Tip: Set key reports as a favorite to find quickly in the Report Search window. Security access for the specific report is required. Navigate to Reports > Find a Report > Locate and select (highlight) the report. Click Favorite.

List of inventory items
List of active inventory items

What’s the best way to get information on all items that are tracking quantity on hand?

Need to count my inventory
See all items tracking QOH

Why are my counts off? 

How much inventory do I have on hand?
Value of inventory on hand now

Value of inventory on hand from end of year (or other past time frame) 

I need a Controlled Substance log

How can I see how much we’ve made from inventory items?
How can I see profit margins from items sold with cost factored in?

Is there a way for me to print out the purchasing work list?

Reporting tips

Learn what specific information is included in the above-mentioned reports:

  1. Navigate to Reports > Find a report.
  2. Locate and select (highlight) the report on the list.
  3. Review the included data fields and report description, including a sample report, in the right pane of the Report Search window.

Make note of any additional information available in a specific report using the Extra fields when saving to file details.

Additional information

Quantity on hand tracking
  • Look at the following to ensure all inventory on hand is accounted for before performing an inventory count, audit or running reports on cost/value on hand or reorder information:
    • Receipt List for Not Posted status receipts
    • Adjustment list for unconfirmed adjustments
    • Stock Transfer List for unconfirmed transfers. This feature is available only for practice configured with Multi-location inventory.

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Inventory reporting

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