Invoice item list

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Use the Invoice Item List to search for, view, create, and update invoice items.

Before you start

  • Security access to Invoice Item list, View Inventory Cost dialogs as appropriate to the logged in user’s role.
  • Item classifications setup

Accessing the Invoice Item List

Navigate to Lists > Invoice Item.

Display window

Adjust the window display by one or more of the following:

  1. Classification: Narrow the list of items by entering an ID or pressing F2 to search and select an item classification.
  2. Include: Select/deselect item types and status to display.
  3. Search by: Select Description or Item ID. This also controls the order of items shown.
  4. Invoice Item Information: Enter a description or ID, based on your Search by selection.
  5. Select Search for word to apply a search description to any part of the description. In the above example, searching for rab results in ImRab 3 (Inventory), PureVax feline Rabies INVENTORY, Rabies and tabs, Rabies Canine 1 YR Booster, etc.

Invoice Item List results

  1. Description: The item’s hospital description.
  2. Classification: The item’s classification
  3. Price: The base dollar amount from the invoice item information tab.
  4. Item ID: The item’s ID
  5. Type:
    • S = Service
    • I = Inventory
    • G = Group
    • P = Pick list
    • D = Dispensing item
  6. Inventory tracking: the hashtag on the hand icon indicates Cornerstone is tracking quantity on hand for the item.
  7. Price details: click the $ icon to see pricing details for the selected row including:
    • Minimum price.
    • Dispensing fee.
    • Last cost for items that are tracking inventory.
    • Quantity-based billing amount and markup.
    • Associated Dispensing items.

Additional information


Cost and Price


Searching for items

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Invoice item list

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